Top Official Laughs Nervously When GOP Senator Confronts Him With Biden’s Own Words on Oil and Gas


Republican Senator John Barrasso, Wyoming On Tuesday, a top Interior Department official was stumped by President Joe Biden’s contradictory statements about oil and gas.

Biden’s position regarding drilling for oil or gas changes with the political winds.

Biden advocated for a progressive stance against fossil fuels when he ran for president. Biden advocated more drilling to alleviate the financial hardship of consumers when gas prices hit record highs earlier in the year. Biden, however, demonized oil again while campaigning for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections and promised that “no more drilling”

Barrasso quizzed Tommy Beaudreau, Deputy Interior Secretary, at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing about Biden’s contradictory statements made in the president’s own words.

First, Barrasso referred to Biden’s June remarks in which he stated, “Republicans falsely claim I’m blocking the production of federal lands.” That’s absurd. Barrasso then pointed out a November declaration Biden made that “No more drilling…there is no drilling.”

“When was he lying?” Which lie was it? Because the president lies. Which one? Barrasso asked.

Beaudreau, No. Beaudreau, the No. 2 official in the Interior Department, initially defended Biden.

“Senator,” he replied, “I think, as you all know, production has not stopped on public lands onshore and off-shore.” He replied that production levels on public lands have increased to more than a billion barrels per year under this administration. “So the administration has not attempted to stop, stop, or impede production on public land.”

Beaudreau was unaffected by Barrasso’s follow-up question, which left Beaudreau giggling nervously.

“The president lies when he says that there is no drilling anymore.” “This is a direct lie by the president of America to the American people,” Barrasso pushed.

Beaudreau replied, “So I don’t, you know. I can’t comment on a quote sort of out of context.” Beaudreau contradicted Biden.

He stated that “clearly there is ongoing drilling for public lands as also production.”

Although gas prices have slowed in the U.S., Biden was again criticized last month after his administration relaxed sanctions against Venezuela and granted Chevron an oil pumping license in South America.