Biden Spins in Confusion, Needs a Child’s Help to Find His Way Offstage


Biden has had difficulties getting off the stage following speeches. Monday was no exception. A little girl had to guide him. The President spoke at an event called Toys for Tots with the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Arlington, Virginia.

Biden finishes his remarks and looks around. He spots the young girl, spins almost 180 degrees, then strokes her shoulder. He asks her, “Which direction do we go?” and grabs her wrist before moving on to safety and Jill.

Biden was kind enough to praise the girl, who is a military kid:

Biden stated, “When I was that young, I couldn’t even say my name in public.” “Actually, I used stutter as a child, and then I learned to speak English in high school. It was the only thing everyone had – but it’s not what you do.

We could grant him a pass if this were a rare occurrence. He just got confused. This could have happened to anyone. This is a common occurrence with Joe. Joe often appears confused and dazed, forgets words, wanders away, or calls people the wrong names. This wouldn’t be an issue if gramps were just confused at the ice cream shop, but this man leads the free world.

In April, he attempted to shake hands in front of an invisible person. This was one of his most famous moves. As he loses his focus and garbles sentences at every opportunity, the gaffes have been multiplying like autumn leaves. Many of these moments have been covered by Nick Arama, my colleague. Here are a few highlights from the past few months:

Joe called France “Frank” at a White House State Dinner honoring France. He also renamed Marquis de Lafayette (a French military officer who fought during the American Revolutionary War) “Marcus Lafayette.”
He seemed to misinterpret Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s name at an event prior to the midterms with that of Sen. Ralph Warnock’s.

Biden was at a Kennedy Center event and praised U2’s “150 sold albums — amongst the most ever!” Then he praised Gladys Knight, a 1919 Kennedy Center honoree.

He appeared totally confused at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and wandered off stage with the microphone.

Another thing that was creepy about Joe’s recent wanderings was the fact that he grabbed the wrist of the little girl and kept it on the way to the stage. You might think that this was a small thing, but this is Joe Biden. He has a history of inappropriate behavior, including hair-sniffing and squeezing. It is amazing that Jill and his advisors never allowed young women or cameras to be in his presence simultaneously.

His flubs seem to be growing more frequently. He turned 80 in the fall. It is becoming more difficult to see Biden able to run for re-election by 2024.