Transgender Athlete Injures Female Competitor Who Calls for an End to the Madness


The funny thing about waging war against reality is that reality always wins. There is simply no way around it. Leftists will never prevail in their quest to claim that men can become women and women men. Even if technology advances to the point where every single cell of an individual can be transformed, that person will still have a male or female mindset that will manifest itself in all manner of unexpected ways. And the real-life downside of transgender madness has still only partially emerged. Another aspect of it became clear in North Carolina recently, when a female high-school athlete was seriously injured in a competition against a male she should never have been forced to face.

It wasn’t even wrestling. Volleyball isn’t known for being a sport that can cause injuries. The New York Post reported that Payton McNabb is a senior from Hiwassee Dam High School, Murphy, N.C. She suffered a concussion during a September game when a transgender athlete threw the ball in her face. Now McNabb has urged the State Legislature to pass a law banning transgender male athletes from playing for female sports teams.

This is a reasonable request. It’s also worth remembering when transgender activists and Leftist politicians claim that Republicans are trying their best to deny rights to athletes with transgender delusions. They will say that there’s no proof to show that allowing men to compete against real women is harmful to them. Payton McNabb, a real woman who suffered harm from transgender advocates, is a true woman.

WLOS in North Carolina reported that McNabb stated, “My life has been forever changed due to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s policy that allows biological males and females to compete.” WLOS also added that McNabb is still recovering and that she continues to struggle with other health issues as a consequence of what happened. These include impaired vision, partial paralysis of the right side, constant headaches, and anxiety.

McNabb said, “I’m not able to perform as well in softball as I used to because of this injury.” She also added, “Her ability to comprehend and retain information has been “impaired,” forcing her to seek accommodations at school.”

Here it is. Remember that when someone calls you a “hatemonger” or a “bigot” for disagreeing with them and insists that trans women are “women”, that this position is what has allowed women to be impregnated and raped at schools. Payton McNabb has suffered from impaired vision, partial paralysis of the right side, constant headaches, and anxiety. Who is the one who hates? How many more women must be brutalized or injured before the madness of this is recognized as such?

Payton McNabb put it well: “Allowing male biologicals to compete with female biologicals is dangerous.” It is clear that I am not the first person to present an injury before you, but I will be the last if the law does not pass. Will transgender activists, who claim that trans women are female and all those who disagree with them are evil, cover Payton McNabb’s medical expenses? How many more women must be raped or injured before the social experiment of normalizing insanity and spreading contagion is over?

It’s one thing to lose competitions against a fake woman like Lia Thomas. Risking serious injury on the other hand is another matter. When Riley Gaines, a female athlete from San Francisco State University, showed up to defend women’s sports at the university, trans activists screamed at her and attacked her. Trans advocates think they are morally superior in this time of madness. Payton McNabb shows this is as much a fantasy and delusion as the idea that women can turn into men and men can turn into women.