Trump-Backed Kari Lake Wins Republican Primary In Arizona


Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, is one of the most anticipated results of this week.

The race was called after Maricopa County, which was still counting ballots, updated their numbers Thursday evening, putting Lake decisively ahead of her opponent.

Lake made a statement declaring victory for the second consecutive week. She said, “This is more than an election.” “This is a beautiful movement of so many people from our beautiful state to finally place Arizona First.”

Lake was the Trump-backed candidate in this race. He was pitted against Karrin Taylor Robertson who was endorsed both by Mike Pence as well as current Governor Doug Ducey.

Lake was certain she would win the election.

On Tuesday night at a watch party, Lake took to the podium at the Doubletree Scottsdale to collect votes. At one point she was wielding a sledgehammer that she claimed was for electronic voting machines and the Democratic nominee for governor. She wanted to inform hundreds of her supporters that she had won.

“There is no way to win for my opponent. We won this race. She said it on her first appearance. Taylor Robson was leading the vote totals. “I don’t want any of my supporters to doubt that.”

She added, “And I want President Donald J. Trump to thank,” to the enthusiastic crowd in Lake gear and “not mine president” shirts. “He’s the one who got this whole thing moving.”

In November’s general election, Katie Hobbs, the Democratic primary winner will be facing Lake.