Trump Extends Invite to Nikki Haley Supporters, Celebrates Super Tuesday Wins


Nikki Haley halted her campaign on Wednesday

Former South Carolina Governor, Donald Trump, reacted. Nikki Haley invited her supporters to “join the greatest movement in our nation’s history” by stating that President Biden was “the enemy.”

Haley halted her campaign Wednesday morning after Trump won nearly all Super Tuesday contests.

Trump wrote on his Truth Social that “Nikki Haley was beaten last night in record-breaking fashion despite the fact Democrats are allowed to vote for various Republican primaries in Vermont and other states.” “Much her money was from Radical Left Democrats as were many of her supporters, almost half according to polls.”

Former U.N. Former President Donald Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Trump said, “At this point, she should stay in the race and fight it out to the end!”

He said: “I would like to thank my friends, family, and the Great Republican Party who helped me produce the most successful Super Tuesday ever. I’d also like to invite Haley supporters to the greatest movement of our Nation.”

He continued, “BIDEN is the enemy. He is destroying our country.” “MAKE AMERICA GREAT ANOTHER !!!”

Haley did not endorse Trump after she suspended her campaign. She said that it was “now up for Donald Trump to win the votes of those within our party, and outside it, who did not support his campaign.” I hope that he will.

Haley stated that “at its best, political work is about bringing more people to your cause and not driving them away.” “And we need more people to help our conservative cause.” Now is the time to choose.”

The Republican National Committee congratulated Trump shortly after Haley’s address.

“Congratulations President Donald J. Trump for his massive primary victory!” Ronna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman, said: “I’d like to also congratulate Nikki Haley on her hard-fought campaign. She is the first woman in history to win a Republican primary contest.” “President Trump delivered a booming economic, a secure border, energy autonomy, and America‚Äôs strength on the global stage, which is the opposite of the chaos caused by Joe Biden.”

She said: “Republican votes have spoken with historic large margins, and we are united more than ever before to defeat Biden and Democrats in November.”

President Biden at the White House, Washington, D.C., December 13, 2023.

Biden said that despite Trump inviting Haley’s supporters to join his campaign, Trump was not interested in them.

“Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not want Nikki Haley supporters. Biden stated: “I want to be clear. There is a space for them in my campaigns.” “I’m aware that there are many things we will not agree on. “I know there are many things we won’t agree on, but I believe that on fundamental issues like preserving American democracy and standing up for the rule of law, treating each other with dignity, respect, and decency, preserving NATO, and standing up against America’s enemies, we can find some common ground.”

Biden continued: “We know that this is not a normal election. The stakes in America could not be higher. I know that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents hold strong beliefs and disagree on many issues. It’s good to see that. This is what America represents. “But I also know that what unites Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike is a love of America.”