Trump Proposes Innovative Solution for Ukraine – Let’s Explore


Ukraine is in the same precarious situation as the United Kingdom in 1941

A president is faced with congressional reluctance to fund an ally who has fallen behind in a war against a foe that wants to invade Europe. In 1941, President Roosevelt was faced with isolationists from the U.S. Senate who refused to support the British in their war against Nazi Germany.

The Russian-Ukrainian War is entering a crucial year. Supporters of Ukraine are facing similar political opposition at the House of Representatives, where the Speaker declared that a Senate-passed funding bill was dead on arrival. Ukraine, like the UK in 1941 is in a precarious situation. Ukraine will continue to lose territory, as it did with the recent fall of Adviivka.

How can we resolve the impasse while helping Ukraine? Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has come up with a solution. He suggested that the cost of the weapon transfers be converted into a loan. Trump specified that this loan would not bear interest and only be paid if Ukraine became rich.

There is a precedent in history. FDR compared Lend Lease with lending a garden hose to a neighbor’s house on fire. FDR reassured concerns about “foreign assistance” by not referring to the assistance as a gift to the UK.

Greg Palkot reports on Bucha. FDR had already misled his political rivals. FDR refused to give the British 50 destroyers and instead demanded that they be coupled with the transfer of British bases from the Caribbean and Western Atlantic to the U.S. What’s the art of the bargain?

The U.S. has a vital national interest in continuing to support Ukraine’s military so that it can stop a regenerated Putin from threatening NATO or dragging us into war. In light of these stakes, it seems unfair to insist on loans when Ukraine is fighting for survival.

Churchill compared Lend Lease with “a sheriff reclaiming the last assets of a helpless debtor.” Ukraine’s future is doomed without any new military aid.

FDR’s efforts to assist the British can be used as a guide.

We need to be creative, take Trump’s suggestion, and say yes.

Take the win.