Trump Unloads Over Biden’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview


In a “60 Minutes,” interview, President Joe Biden explained why he doesn’t do as many sit-downs as his predecessors, and it’s mainly because he’s incapable of appearing anymore without embarrassing himself. Even the anchor, Scott Pelley, admitted the octogenarian seemed “tired from directing all this.”

Pelley and CBS were also criticized by former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social social media platform for their soft handling of Biden.

Biden is protected even though he’s the most corrupt and incompetent president in American history. Carter’s administration looks brilliant in comparison. Even if the Biden Regime succeeds in pursuing Crooked Joe’s political rival, ME, it will still fail. Crooked Joe is a disaster for the USA because of his failures in the Middle East, Ukraine, and other issues. MAGA!

Pelley tried to blatantly encourage sympathy for the 80-year-old president before the segment:

Pelley warned his audience about Biden’s health before the interview.

“We met President Biden late Thursday at the White House. We could tell that he had had a tough week. Pelley said Mr. Biden, who will turn 81 in a month, has admitted that his lifelong stutter creeps back into him when he is tired.

Trump’s experience at the show was very different.

Trump alluded to his “60 Minutes'” combative interview with CBS News Lesley Stahl, where she famously laughed at the Hunter Biden Scandal in the final weeks before the 2020 elections and told him that the newly surfaced laptop couldn’t be verified.

Arama reported that Trump also posted a video about the “Presidential Olympics” which is one of the most hilarious videos you will see this week. He wasn’t finished–this video is also pretty funny. It shows him interviewing Biden instead of Pelley on 60 Minutes:

I’d like to see them have a one-on-one discussion without the partisan debate monitors or the ridiculously short time allotted for their responses. It’s safe for me to say that Trump would beat Clueless Joe at a debate, whether you like him or not. He would have facts on his side. During his presidency, there was no crushing inflation. The border was not a dangerous sieve. And we didn’t watch Russia invade Ukraine, or Hamas attack Israel.

I’d also argue that, regardless of how you feel about the current GOP presidential frontrunner for 2024, his criticism of “60 Minutes” is on point. Pelley literally finished sentences for Biden and guided him at every step. Pelley is also right that the media’s double standard has become so obvious that it’s almost funny. Never in a million years would they have treated Trump or DeSantis or Haley, nor any other Republican, like delicate children.

It was shameful.