Tucker Carlson Demolishes Journalist Calling Him a Racist


A recent interview with Tucker Carlson, hosted by Ben Smith (a former reporter at The New York Times), was a rousing success. However, the conversation quickly turned contentious. Although Carlson was cordial at the beginning of the interview, Smith couldn’t help but talk about how Smith is a white supremacist.

The exchange that followed was breathtaking. Carlson nuked Smith and exposed him for his intellectual stupidity.

Smith is a genius, having worked for Buzzfeed for many years before moving to the Times. This shows in every word he says during the interview. He doesn’t ask questions. He is pushing a narrative and trying to cover up the “I’m just a journalist” façade he has constructed for himself. While Carlson attempts to express his views clearly in an authentic and understandable manner, Smith is on another planet obsessing about a media matter clip about “replacement theories.”

Carlson points out that the left’s attempt to make the “replacement theory” bogeyman is a cheap way to pretend they haven’t boasted about how they abuse the immigration system in order to stay in power. All of us are old enough to recall “demographics as destiny” during Obama’s presidency. Carlson, who correctly called out Democrats for their plans, isn’t racist. Smith repeatedly hears from Fox News host Smith that he has no animosity toward anyone based on race during the interview.

Smith didn’t like to hear it, but things got worse when he brought up mass shootings, which led Carlson to deliver a rhetorical beat down.

Even if Carlson does not actually believe in “replacement theory,” which, while anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have nothing to do with his past statements and are absurdly absurd, this attempt to make a connection with any mass shooter seems ridiculous. Smith claims that he cited the Buffalo shooter as an example, but that shooter also spoke in his manifesto about how much he disliked Fox News. It is not clear that Smith watched Carlson’s program, and it is lazy, slanderous garbage that suggests he was inspired by it.

My favorite part of the exchange was when Smith tried to persuade Carlson again about the race issue. The reply was hilarious and right on target.

Carlson nails it. Conservatives in America will be angry at white liberals who think they can save minorities. They push extreme left-wing policies without considering the consequences. Carlson isn’t worried about black people. It’s not Hispanics who are increasingly voting Republican, it’s definitely not them. It’s Smith and others like him who are the greatest ideological threat to the country.

Carlson will not bow to left-wing lunatics that think crying “white supremacist!” is intellectualism’s peak, but the bottom line is that he is not going to. Smith can still gnash his teeth at eight-second Media Matters clips. But Carlson’s influence is so much greater than that of his critics. They are losing, but he’s winning. They are driven insane by this.