UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Resigned


Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, resigned amid chaotic government events. He stated that he would prefer to stay at 10 Downing Street, while the Conservative Party chooses a new leader.

The Spectator magazine is the oldest and most revered center-right magazine in Britain. The live blog keeps it current with the latest news. Anyone who follows this story should read this blog.

The abrupt resignation was the result of a series of resignations by MPs.

Michael Simmons, Spectator. “The downfall of the Prime Minister caused a record number of resignations. ” “Over 100 cabinet secretaries, ministers, and PPSs have resigned from Tuesday. Wednesday saw 50 MPs resign their ministerial or party posts, the most resignations in a single day since the 1930s.

Conservatives may not like Johnson’s re-election as a lame-duck Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson may be leaving but he’s not done yet. Katy Balls from Spectator writes that the Prime Minister wants Downing Street to remain this summer – something many MPs took offense at.

Rick Moran, saw it coming earlier this week. He wrote, “Conservative politicians are nervousness and would like to expel Johnson.” Johnson survived a vote against confidence in June. He is now exempted from any further challenge for 12 months unless the Conservatives change the rules. Johnson may decide to resign to avoid being humiliated.

Johnson spoke earlier, but it is unlikely that it will make him more popular among Tories in Parliament.

Isabel Hardman. The Spectator reports that Hardman has created a Betrayal narrative. He pointedly recognizes the British public but not his party for his time in office and says it would have been ‘eccentric’ to change the leader when the Conservatives trail only a few points in the polls.

She continued, “He spoke of his ‘duty’ to remain in government and claimed that this is why he tried so hard to stay in office. “It was hard to imagine many Conservative MPs agreeing prior to this speech.

This is a terrible situation. If anything more serious occurs, we will update this page.