Tucker Carlson Somehow Blamed For Exit of Leftist Host Tiffany Cross From Far-Left MSNBC


A Huffington Post writer accuses Tucker Carlson of Fox News, a left-leaning outlet for the recent departure of Tiffany Cross, a leftist host at MSNBC. Fox News is a rival ultraliberal.

Sara Boboltz’s headline reads “MSNBC Cancels the Cross Connection” after Tucker Carlson verbally attacks the host. Boboltz doesn’t dance around the issues in Saturday’s story. According to her, the move was made after Cross was attacked and beaten by Carlson.

More excerpts from her article are here:

Carlson aired a segment on Cross in October that quickly came under fire from Anti-Defamation League.

Carlson likened “The Cross Connection With Tiffany Cross” to MSNBC, and Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines in Rwanda. This incited the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Carlson challenged MSNBC’s corporate leadership.

Here’s the Carlson segment:

Boboltz stated, “HuffPost requested a comment from the network on Saturday. ”

HuffPost’s writer claimed that Carlson “again” had used his platform to “stoke race tensions by falsely accusing @MSNBC host Black of inciting a massacre of white people”. They also claimed that Carlson was “inciting” and “trivializing the Rwandan genocide. ”

“Repeatedly bad behavior both on- and off-air. ” Poor judgment.

Cross’s departure from the cable channel network could have been due to disagreements at MSNBC. A source close to the matter said that Cross was fired because of “repeatedly poor behavior both on and off-air.” “Bad judgment”.

While the details of Cross’ “bad behavior” and “bad judgment” are unclear, Carlson made several harsh comments about Cross while she was on camera.

Another way to put it: She once said that America is in a “civil War,” and encouraged liberals to “get a gun” for the defense of democracy. Fox News called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Fox News reported.

Cross is also known as U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R.S.C.) Senator Tim Scott (R.S.C.)

‘Absolute Nonsense

Yahoo News published Boboltz’s story. She was also criticized for blaming Carlson.

One commenter said that HuffPost doesn’t see Cross’s racism, because it is like looking in their mirror.


Another commenter stated, “Puffpost at its best.” “When was MSNBC ever able to do Tucker Carlson commentary?”

Another commenter stated, “I think Ms. Boboltz of HuffPost will only have a brief journalistic career with pieces such as this.” “Absolute nonsense.” MSNBC thrives on Fox News hatred. They won’t fire any host based on what a Fox News host has to say.