John Fetterman Drops Bizarre Statement About How Votes Will Be Counted in Pennsylvania


There is no closer race in Pennsylvania for the senate. Although polls show a lead for Republican Mehmet Oz in the late-breaking, the dynamics of the electorate in Pennsylvania make John Fetterman a slight favorite.

The most important factor is the fact that early voting was already underway prior to Fetterman’s poor debate performance, which clearly shows he is not fit for office. There are still signs that the Democrat’s confidence may be slipping.

Fetterman made a bizarre comment Monday telling people to “buckle-up for a long, hard week” regarding the counting of ballots. He stated that it could take “several more days” to determine a winner.

Fetterman seems to be saying that the results won’t be known until Friday. Further clarification is provided by Fetterman’s mention of a long week. However, there is a problem with this statement. It’s false. This raises the question: What in the world is he talking about?

After the 2020 election cluster, Pennsylvania has simplified how it will count ballots in this cycle. On Tuesday, early votes and mail-in ballots begin to be counted. On election night, all counts are expected to report nearly everything. If there are still any ballots to be submitted, they must be done by Wednesday at 2:00 AM.

If Fetterman doesn’t know something, the idea that large amounts of uncounted votes will remain into Thursday and Friday is not true. He seems to be creating distrust in the system or setting up for legal challenges in case Oz is declared the winner on Wednesday.

No matter the reason, a man who is already being questioned about his cognitive abilities shouldn’t be spreading false news. None of this will restore trust in our elections. The best preemption is to warn the media not to call a race, as counting ballots days later could change things. Fetterman needs to explain why he believes that a significant number of ballots will remain uncounted in the latter part of the week. He shouldn’t have made this statement if he couldn’t.

This is a sign of weakness. Fetterman is aware that he is behind and that the debate has hurt him. Even though Oz won on Wednesday, Fetterman wants to keep the hope alive with his supporters. Because of the enormous ambition of Fettermans wife, I don’t see them leaving quietly. There will be lots of shenanigans if this thing is near.