Tucker Lauds Kari Lake For Punching Back Against Media Critics


Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, praised Republican nominee Kari Lake of Arizona Thursday night as an example for how to handle the “liberal media”.

“If The New York Times published a piece about Mitch McConnell, he would be running around his office worrying about it.” Carlson stated that Kari Lake is the subject of a daily hit piece by The New York Times. She laughs at it because it doesn’t matter what The New York Times believes. They only have power because they are given power by us because we treat them as if they were real. They are fake. They are ghosts. They vanish when you turn on the lights. They don’t exist. They are fantasy, and can only be sustained as long as people participate. Kari Lake is actually defending institutional power by attacking media.

Lake, a former news anchor on television, narrowly beat Karrin Taylor Robson to win the Republican primary in August. Carlson stated that her background in news was a threat to media.

“She worked for 30 years in television news. Kari lake doesn’t believe the media is corrupt. She has lived in it for decades. Carlson stated that this is a disturbing message for Democrats because it strikes at their core power. “Without the support of the media, there is little chance that neoliberal Democrats will be elected to office. They have never been elected to office. They have nothing to offer. If you look around, it’s not as if they’re improving the country. They need the media. They have all they can do. They’re more than just annoying. They’re also the key to the entire system. Everything will change if they are removed.

Carlson stated, “So it is essential that the people in control believe that the news coverage they see or read is true, that it conveys facts rather than crude North Korean-style propaganda.”

Lake explained that not many people watch local news and explained how many reporters worked.

The former news anchor said, “I just decided that I would start bringing a camcorder and microphone and turning it on them.” Here’s how it works: They give you a question and it’s filled with garbage. Their question clearly has an agenda and contains a soliloquy. They get you to answer but then they remove their part so that they don’t appear foolish. We decided to share our part on the internet, so people can see what the media is up too.”

Lake encouraged Republicans to resist the media. Lake presented a list to reporters earlier this week that included dozens of instances in which Democrats had denied the election results.

Let’s face facts. The Republican Party has the right ideas. We have the common-sense ideas. Lake stated that Republicans have been hiding from the fact rather than showing people they have good ideas. We don’t need to let the left or the liberals in media dictate what we talk about. We must dictate what we are talking about. We have better ideas. We are on the right side.”