Twitter Community Notes Just Leveled Another Big WH Lie About Parental Rights Law


Joe Biden, his White House Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre and their constant utterances of lies are not new.
Liberal media fact-checkers rarely call them out.

Biden was busted for making false statements on Twitter Community Notes. Biden has been called out on making false statements about the debunked “gender pay gap.” He was also caught on a statement that Republicans were trying to push Medicare and Social Security cuts. They slapped Biden another check on Friday for his claim that he was the most “pro union” president in history, noting that he had made a move backing the railroad union against striking.

Jean-Pierre has also been criticized by the Twitter Community Notes. KJP was talking Florida’s Parental Right in Education Law, which she incorrectly referred to as “the dystopian “Don’t Say Gay” law of the state.” She also falsely stated that “under threat having their licenses taken away, gay teachers were forced to remove pictures of their spouses on their desks and have censored their classroom material.”

Twitter Community Notes pointed out this lie and noted that it wasn’t true. Florida teachers aren’t being told to remove photos of same-sex partners.

According to a clarification given to the union, “all teachers are encouraged” to display pictures of their family in the classroom. In K-3 however, teachers were warned against discussing specific topics in case they could be misconstrued as classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identification.


In its latest guidance on the new law, the state has provided the most detailed information yet.

The motion states that “there is no merit” to the idea that the law restricts gay or transgender educators from “putting a family picture on their desk” or “referring[ing] to themselves, their spouses (and their children ).'”

According to the state these actions are not “instruction.”

Teachers can also “respond” if their students bring up a topic. . . The motion states that the participants should be asked to provide information about themselves or their family. ‘”

The KJP and other Democrats have said nothing about the law that is true.

This has nothing to with canceling culture, but everything to with teaching things to children that aren’t age-appropriate or not sexualizing them. It’s not the conservatives who are at fault; it’s liberals, like KJP, that believe that teaching these things to children is appropriate. Indoctrination and pushing political agendas on children is not what school should be about. Liberals believe it to be so.

The liberal media would not hold KJP accountable. She and Joe Biden are no longer able to lie without consequence, at least not on Twitter. They will be punished for it. It’s great.