AOC Trips All Over Herself in Rant About Elon, Twitter Blue Checks


The liberal – formerly legacy blue-check – brigade continues to meltdown as they moan about Twitter’s Elon Musk removing blue checks.

Aaron Rupar, a “journalist”, said that anyone who had a blue cheque (the people who paid for it), should be blocked. Keith Olbermann used an arrow as a “blue check”. Alyssa threw an hilarious tantrum, asking if they could go after Musk for defamation or identity theft. She tried to compensate for the missing cheque by using a blue stone.

We must also address the leftist, inaccurate rant that was made by this person.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, warns of the grave consequences that will result from Musk’s rash action.

AOC said: “Jokes apart, this sets the stage for serious potential harm when a disaster strikes and no one is sure which agencies, reporters or outlets are genuine.” Not long ago, we experienced major flash flooding. We needed to act quickly to gather reliable information to save lives. “Today just made it harder.”

She mentions a fake Twitter account that is trying to impersonate the City of New York. The problem with this argument is that official accounts of government still have their labels.

Twitter Community Notes explained on her tweet that what she said was not true.

The note stated that she, as well as the accounts, still had their labels of government accounts.

People will then be able tell which government agencies are genuine. It would only have taken a few seconds to realize that her words were not true. She knew that she was entitled to her government check and should have been aware of this. She didn’t bother to even do that, and she ended up falling over herself. What does this say about her ability and intelligence to make a decision when it comes time to pass legislation?

If you want any real information in the event of an emergency, you should look elsewhere. If you’re looking for information from the tantrum-throwing individuals who once had blue checks, do the same. In the event of an emergency, who is going to turn to Alyssa or Bette Milano? We don’t need to remind anyone of Milano’s reaction when she saw COVID, the woman who wore a crochet mask.

On what media outlets should we rely in the event of a catastrophe? Who lied about Russia collusion or COVID? It is possible that people could have figured out how to react in an emergency even if they didn’t use social media.

It’s all about the left-wingers who don’t want pay $8, when they’re among the few people who can afford it in Joe Biden’s economy.