Twitter Lets Loose Over Wild Video of Trans Girl Having Intense Period


I wrote a piece about people attacking Dean Cain on the left for being “hateful” because he pointed out that two biological adult men were not females. He was not mocking or attacking the men, he simply pointed out that biologically, they weren’t girls.

There was also the disturbing video of Admiral Rachel Levine talking to state medical board members, saying that they needed to work together to combat gender “misinformation” and to rely on big tech. This raised troubling questions about censorship and a coordinated effort by the Biden administration to enforce compliance with the narrative on the subject.

But just how far are we getting through the looking glass?

A video posted by Libs of TikTok that has been viewed more than 5 million times shows how far we’ve come. The video depicts a trans woman suffering from period pain after receiving hormone replacement therapy.

Libs points out that a man does not have a uterus, and only biological women can menstruate. A man may have a negative reaction to hormones, but he’s not having a period. This is because he cannot have regular blood flow from his uterus. This is biology, and it shouldn’t be explained to anyone. It seems it does because we now live in an alternate reality, where such claims are not only acceptable but also performance art. Many of the same people who shouted “Belief in science!” over COVID now deny the existence of biology. You can see what appears to be a smile on the face of the person as if they are enjoying the performance.

Some saw it as mocking women’s pain, doing fake imitations, and marginalizing women biologically.

This is not just a video. It’s a movement on the left to accept the fact that biological reality is impossible. Reality is fungible and that order is not possible in the universe. This is how we get people to like the Supreme Court Justice who refuses definitions of what a woman is. How can you guarantee women’s rights if you don’t know what a woman looks like? If there is no order and everything is purely emotional, it is easier to create chaos.