U.S. House of Representatives Rejects Proposal to Withdraw Troops from Somalia


Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, had proposed a bill to remove all U.S. military personnel from Somalia. However, it was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Biden ordered around 500 U.S. military personnel to the region last year to assist the Somali government in combatting Al-Shabab, a radical Islamic terrorist organization that operates in East Africa. The move by the Biden administration reversed a decision by former President Donald Trump to remove all troops from the region.

The Daily Caller reported:

In the recorded vote on Thursday afternoon, 321 members voted against the bill and 102 voted in favor. The resolution, designated H.Con. Res. 30 and co-sponsored by Republican Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar of Arizona as well as Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia would have directed President Joe Biden to order all American troops to leave the country, with the exception of Marine Security Guards who protect the U.S. Embassy in Mogadishu.

Biden’s decision to send troops into the region last year was criticized by the left as well as the right, despite his pledge to end “forever wars”. Congress seems to still believe that the U.S. should be involved in yet another unnecessary war.

Somalia’s government has also been accused of corruption and human rights violations, raising questions about U.S. aid.

Supporters of U.S. involvement in the fight against jihadist groups claim that the U.S. troops are essential to the effort.

Al-Shabaab and other extremists pose a serious danger to Somalia and the region. There is no evidence to suggest that the U.S. military’s continued involvement is the best way to counter this threat.

The removal of US troops in Somalia reduces the risk of U.S. involvement in regional conflicts. A reduced military presence in Somalia can reduce this likelihood and allow regional players to take a more active role in resolving conflict in the region.

Our government is unwilling to give up its foreign involvement, even though it puts our servicemen at risk and brings no benefit to the U.S.