UAW Secures Significant Gains for Members in GM Labor Deal


The United Auto Workers union, the largest union in Detroit has ratified an agreement between General Motors and a tentative contract. It is the first contract that has been approved by a group of employees unionized at one of Detroit’s Big Three Automakers.

UAW’s ratification tracking for GM showed that the UAW led by a margin between 55% and 45%. UAW represents approximately 46,000 GM workers. Nearly 36, 000 votes have been cast.

The UAW’s voting tracker confirmed that GM’s contract was ratified. GM is the only Big Three Automaker in which union members approved tentative labor agreements, which were agreed upon with the UAW around two weeks ago. Ford continues to hold the ratification vote.

Seven of GM’s 11 assembly plants voted no to the contract. The contract was approved by the largest plant, Arlington, Texas, and assembly plants located in Detroit, Fairfax, Kansas, and Lake Orion, Michigan.

UAW members can expect to see a salary increase of 25% in April 2028. The top salary will, however, increase by 33%. The cost-of-living adjustment is estimated to raise it to $42 an hour.

The UAW and the automakers have tentatively reached an agreement in the sixth week of their “stand-up strike” against the Big Three. The tentative agreements are currently being ratified.

Over 45,000 unionized workers in the auto industry went on strike at its peak, costing automakers billions.

Ford and Stellantis both began ratification votes, with a greater margin of approval than GM. Ford UAW Members voted 67% for a new contract. The voting is scheduled to conclude on Friday. Stellantis employees voted in favor by 66%.