Hamas Terrorist Gets Taken Out by IDF, Moments After He Celebrated Shooting an Israeli Soldier


Israel Defense Forces provided CNN with newly released footage showing the chaos and tragedies unleashed by Hamas on the morning before the terror attacks against Israel. In one clip, Hamas gunmen celebrate the murder of an Israeli soldier in broad daylight. But their celebration was cut short by an IDF bullet.

The footage was recorded with a GoPro camera by a Hamas member who was later “neutralized.” The video also includes footage from their 300-mile network of tunnels under Gaza. They use this to hide from the IDF, store weapons, and hold hostages. The Arabic writing on the wall reads: “What is hidden is much worse.”

The video begins with a group crossing the border.

Above ground, a video shows a 24-year-old Hamas member joining a group of men on motorbikes and pickup trucks as they break the border between Gaza, and Israel while yelling “Allahu akbar.”

Some terrorists were seen carrying rocket-propelled grenades in backpacks around their shoulders. Others carried rifles and a large amount of ammunition.

The men are less than coordinated in their driving around Israel. They then arrive at a field near Kissufim where they engage an IDF soldier in a shooting match.

When they found him lying on the ground they executed him cold-bloodedly.

The gunman kills the Jewish soldier by firing multiple shots at point-blank distance after he spots him on the ground.

The gunman steals the Tavor rifle from the soldier and celebrates his kill by taking a selfie on his bodycam. Other terrorists cheer him and join in.

The murderer was quickly brought to justice. Next, the group went to a base where they were attacked by IDF:

Hamas’s unit continues to celebrate as it passes the dead Israelis lying on a street.

The group continues to Kibbutz Re’im where a gunman exits the vehicle and fires at an IDF Soldier at a distance.

The gunman wearing the bodycam shoots outside the military base of the kibbutz, before pausing for a moment.

Someone from the base fired back at that moment and hit the gunman who was yelling as he rolled on the ground.

The 24-year-old screams and is in pain, before his breathing slows down. He eventually dies and his involvement in the terrorist attack comes to an end.


You can skip the CNN journalists who are trying to minimize Hamas using the Al-Shifa Hospital as a base of operation by going to 3:22 to view the GoPro video of the terrorist. Warning: disturbing content.

This video is difficult to watch, but it is a reminder of Hamas’ depraved mentality. They seem to enjoy inhumane acts and carnage in this video and others we have seen. If I had been a WWII soldier, I would like to believe that I would have killed a Nazi during a fight. Although I would be proud to defend my country by taking an enemy off the battlefield, if I were a soldier in WWII, I wouldn’t be laughing and joking about killing another person, especially if they weren’t actively engaged in combat.