UC Davis on Edge After Stabbings, Prompting Many Students to Choose Remote Classes


Residents in and around the University of California Davis are on high alert after three stabbings occurred within the last week. One graduate stated that students are still fearful even though the police lifted the order of shelter in place.

Two people, including a student, died in the stabbings that occurred near the UC Davis Campus. A homeless woman was in critical condition on Monday after being stabbed multiple times by a knife through her tent.

Karan Brar, a UC Davis grad, praised the “diligent efforts” of law enforcement on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday. The announcement that the shelter-in-place order was ending also stated that the police had not yet located a suspect.

Brar said to Brian Kilmeade, “As of right now, many people are afraid to go out.” As you can imagine in a historically safe city, it is shocking to see three murders within a week.

Police were unable to determine the link between the stabbings as of Tuesday evening.

Brar believes that many people in the community want to see more police officers in the city, as well as more lights and surveillance cameras.

“We have the situation where many lights go out around 7 or 8 o’clock. “I think many of us would like it to stay on longer,” said he. “We would also like to see more cooperation between the state, local and federal agencies. I believe we are starting to see this.” We hope this leads to a breakthrough.

Cade Murphy is a Campus Reform reporter at UC Davis. He said that many students have opted out of attending classes because of the recent violent murders.

Murphy explained, “I taught a class in the middle of the day where two-thirds of students only attended the class online.”

Murphy, in response to the stabbings, said that the university now requires classes to be held remotely if the end time is after 6:00 pm.

Murphy replied, “Pretty unbelievable.”