UN Chief Uses Civilian Death Toll to His Advantage Saying Israel’s Military Operations Are “Clearly Wrong”


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned Israel’s military operations in Gaza as “clearly wrong” on Wednesday, citing Hamas-provided civilian death tolls.

Guterres said in an interview with Reuters that Israel did itself no favors by ignoring “global opinion.” Israel has promised to destroy Hamas and its leaders reject all calls for a truce.

Hamas is violating the law when it uses human shields. Guterres stated that “when one considers the number of civilians killed in military operations, something is clearly wrong.”

Guterres added: “It’s also important that Israel understands it’s against its interests to see the horrific images of the Palestinians’ dramatic human needs every day.” “That does not help Israel with the public opinion around the world.”

Israel denied on Wednesday that there was a humanitarian emergency in Gaza, despite reports on the ground to the contrary.