Dem Power Broker Defies NFL, Displays American-Israeli Flag at Eagles Game


Democratic power broker and New Jersey businessman George Norcross has doubled down on his decision to display an American-Israeli flag at a Philadelphia Eagles game over the weekend and has disputed the team’s characterization that he was “physically and verbally abusive” toward stadium staff.

Norcross wrote a piece for USA Today explaining his refusal to take down the flag that was displayed outside of a box in Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday during the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Norcross told security that he wouldn’t take down the flag or allow it to be taken down “because it was very important to make it clear that America stood by its longtime friend, Israel, following the brutal murder of 1,400 Israeli citizens and the kidnapping of hostages by Hamas terrorists on Oct.7th.”

He said that the flag he received was in accordance with the team’s statement last month, condemning the attack. However, he was met by “almost 12 security staff crammed into a box.”

“One aggressively tried to tear off the flag. I blocked him and said loudly that the flag was to remain and he should leave.

Norcross claimed that his arm had been “twisted” behind him and that he was “paraded out of the stadium before thousands of people as the flag was torn and crumpled.”

“It is still unclear to me how the flag could be deemed ‘obscene or indecent’ or otherwise inappropriate.”