UN General Assembly Demands Israel Surrender its Nuclear Weapons After 149-6 Vote


Only a handful of countries voted for Israel’s right to nuclear self-defense in a recent U.N. election.

The U.N. General Assembly’s Wednesday resolution called on Israel not to develop, produce, or test nuclear weapons.

The resolution called upon the Jewish nation to “renounce nuclear weapons possession” as well as to sign the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty. All its nuclear facilities would be subject to international Atomic Energy safeguards.

The resolution was backed by 149 countries. Sixteen people voted against it.

The U.N. General Assembly demanded Israel “accede immediately to [Middle Eastern nuclear-proliferation] Treaty and not develop, produce or test nuclear weapons.” “They also requested that Israel renounce its possession of nuclear weapons and place all unguarded nuclear facilities within full-scope International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards. ”

India, Pakistan, and Israel have not yet signed the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty.

Israel has never acknowledged it’s a nuke-capable country. Colin Powell, the former Secretary-of-State, leaked emails that indicated Israel had at most 200 nukes.

The resolution calling for Israel’s disarmament was supported by the following countries: Palestine (Jordan), Morocco, Sudan, and Morocco.

According to the Jerusalem Post, six countries objected to the resolution: Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Palau, the U.S., and Liberia.

Ukraine voted in solidarity against Israel on another resolution in November. 26 other countries abstained.

Similar votes were cast by the U.N. General Assembly on October 28 to allow Israel’s nuclear weapons to be removed. Abstention by the European Union.

Fox News Digital reported that Israel was the focus of the October resolution. It addressed the “risks of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.” It didn’t mention Iran.

A December 5th report by the Institute for Science and International Security suggested that Iran could have “advanced its nuclear weapons capability through civilian nuclear and military non-nuclear cover programs.

Israel’s foe “threatens the world” despite it appearing to be in compliance with treaties such as those promoted by U.N. Israel. Its rival “threatens the world” with a program that could produce nuclear weapons “on demand”.