Video From Chicago Takeover Captures Woman Falling Out of a Car Doing Stunts and Getting Ran Over


One witness filmed an “intersection car takeover” in Illinois. He captured the moment when a woman riding in the car was performing a stunt and fell out of the window. The car then ran her over.

The video uploaded to social media from Saturday’s incident at Cermak Road and Canalport Avenue in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

The video shows a woman hanging from the passenger window of her car, as she moves in a circular motion before a large crowd. The car’s rear tire pushes her out of the window, and she knocks her over.

These incidents prompted Chicago City Council members to adopt an ordinance to seize the cars of illegal street racing and street stunt drivers. But critics claim it is not enough.

Democrat LaShawn, Illinois state rep, introduced legislation to charge people who participate in illegal races or stunts with a felony and those who watch as spectators with a felony.

Ford stated, “It’s a felony and you could lose your driver’s license – that’s what they need.”

WBBM-TV talked to someone who was present at the takeover and reported that the woman sustained injuries but that she was able to survive being run over by a car.

WBBM was told by Chicago police that they were called to the scene but that they did not have any information about the injury that was captured on video.

Los Angeles, California witnessed a similar incident. A viral video showed a car involved in a takeover losing control of the vehicle and colliding with a crowd of people. Police believe that other victims were also hurt.

Here’s a report on the incident