Major Grocer Scaling Back Meat Sales


German grocery chain Lidl has slashed meat sales to help reduce the world population. I don’t intend to stop the earth from becoming a hellhole for cow flatulence.

Christoph Graf, Lidl’s purchasing director, stated at a Berlin Green Week event that the grocery chain will stop selling meat because there is “no second planet.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been encouraging countries to reduce their cow production because they believe that too many cows are causing too much greenhouse gas. Klaus Schwab is a German billionaire who founded the WEF.

Jim Hagemann Snabe, the CEO of Siemens is a large German manufacturing firm. His time at the WEF was spent hobnobbing to encourage one billion people with an a-B not to eat meat.

Snabe explained to a crowd of global communists that it would be a big impact if one billion people stopped eating meat.

Snabe stated, “I believe that we will have proteins not from meat in the future,” to a room of genocidal lunatics. They will be healthier than what we eat today and have zero carbon.

The WEF’s beef jackpuddings demand that everyone eat fire-ants or dung beetles on an electric stove. Gas ranges can only be used by planet-hating scapegraces like you and me.

The WEF “predicts” everything. The 2019 video shows how they “predict” that there will be nothing like it by 2030. This is just seven years away.

Lidl is a discount grocery chain with 178 locations in 10 states.

Greenpeace’s climate hippies cheered the grocery store on when it decided to cut its beef sales and bow before the crowd.

Christiane Huxdorff, a Greenpeace whale chauvinist, said that Lidl had recognized the signs of the times and is now taking responsibility for the products sold in its stores.

Celery munchers, who are razor-sharp, call for a 30% reduction in Dutch cow herds. Because cow farts are responsible.

The planet has survived the dinosaur flatulence. I think we’ll be fine.

The WEF believes the world is too populated and is moving towards Soylent Green-like living arrangements.

One thing is certain: the WEF has a plan. It wants people to eat all of their insect collections.

Another video featuring cow phobics is available from the WEF

The WEF’s call for a decrease in meat consumption is not exclusive.

We thought that the meat-beaters could not go any further. But, the WEF’s green Fuhrers declared that the filthy hoi poi must eat weeds.