Violence Breaks out at Pro-Abortion Protest After Democrat Politicians Call to Fight


You’re probably well aware of the bizarre reactions from the left to Roe v. Wade’s possible overturning. Elizabeth Warren was one of the most extreme. She had a panic attack in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

Warren yelling at pro-abortion fanatics “fight” was one comment. It looks like far-left protesters from Los Angeles took over that role. A small riot broke out, resulting in the smashing of a police car and physical confrontations between police officers. This video features Warren, followed by several other videos showing the violence in California.

Sorry for making you see the following derangement.

The police eventually got out of their cars and things became more chaotic with objects including a scooter being thrown at them. Although the left pretends that the force used was unprovoked and the incident is not a surprise, the videos above show that police responded to violence against them.

Now, I have been assured by a politician that calling for his supporters to “fight” is a call to violence. Actually, it has been repeatedly stated that Donald Trump’s call for supporters to “fight” is a direct call to violence. This is despite the fact that Trump told people to peacefully protest on January 6th.

However, she won’t get the same treatment. Instead, you’ll see a sudden contraction in the standard she and others set out to keep left-leaning politicians from being held responsible for the violence that follows their rhetoric.

We won’t let them do that. These were their new rules and they will be following them. As we get closer to the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe, more violence seems likely. We who have heard about January 6th every day for more than a year will be happy to attribute that violence to Democrats, who are screaming for people to “fight back” and “push back.” Words have consequences. These are the new rules.