Supreme Court Leak Happened Just In Time for Democrats Grappling to Unite the Party for Midterms


The left is beginning to think about riots in D.C. as a result of the leaky draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. However, the anger that they feel can only be outweighed at this point by the unmitigated glee Democrats politicians and narrative-makers must feel.

The left has had little success uniting their party. As radicalization became more common, Democrats fled. Even in blue cities such as San Francisco, Democrats were suffering losses. The Democrats looked at the midterms with little or no hope, considering the open borders, rising crime rates, brainwashing, and attempts to mask children.

This leak was then discovered and they now have something that could energize their base and win back some Democrats. There are also some questions.

For example, President Joe Biden made a quick statement about the whole thing.

If Roe is overturned by the Court, it will be on all elected officials in our country to uphold a woman’s right to choose. It will also fall to voters to elect pro-choice officials in November. Federally, we will need to elect more pro-choice Senators and a majority of the House that is pro-choice to pass legislation to codify Roe. I will be working to pass it and sign it into law.

This White House is the same one that has been slowing down on everything, from energy production to border safety. Yet this statement containing a battle strategy was made the instant the Supreme Court uttered the word “Roe”.

Odd. It was so bizarre that even Missouri Senator Josh Hawley had a simple question to ask. How did the White House learn about this leak before it was released?

The Democrats have a long history of creating crises just before major elections, with Black Lives Matter the latest example. It’s simple: create a crisis that threatens our foundations, blame Republicans, and then watch out for outraged Americans joining hands with Democrats to end X. The issue will fade as soon as the smoke clears from the election, but it might be revived just in time for the next one.

Democrats did nothing. They could not revive Black Lives Matter, which is currently mired with lawsuits and scandals at its top. It seems to have fulfilled its purpose and has finished its course.

The left will lose all senses of logic and decorum for abortion. This is a subject that causes leftists to get so mad that they will begin throwing their own excrement around. It can be used to create entire marches. It’s not just a favorite pastime of the left, but it can also be used as a rallying point for voters in times where they are struggling to find something.

It feels like an accident because of the timing of the leak. It was necessary for the left to find something to energize their base, and this is it.

We must find out who leaked this draft decision, and how it was leaked. I believe this decision went to more places than Politico.