Washington Post Acknowledges That The Case Against Trump Is Likely BS


If you are a far-leftist prosecutor and the man that the left hates most, it might be time to reconsider your position. As the New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg continues to function as the leader of the progressive spear that will be used to destroy former President Donald Trump’s chances at occupying the White House again, this is where he finds himself.

The Post’s editorial board published an opinion piece titled “The Trump Indictment is a poor case for prosecuting former presidents.” It questioned whether Bragg would be able to successfully bring down the former president based on Stormy Daniels. They wrote:

Donald Trump is worthy of the legal scrutiny that he’s receiving — which has come in many directions on many counts. The most likely charges that a New York grand jury will indict Trump on are among the many alleged violations. There are reasons to be cautious and concerned.

New developments in the legal saga of former President Donald Trump are the result of Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, shifting his attention to the “zombie case.” This case revolves around a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, an adult film star, in exchange for her silence regarding an alleged affair with Mr. Trump a decade prior. The former president has denied the allegations. In 2018, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and fixer pleaded guilty to related crimes.

Although the specific charges against Donald Trump are still unknown, sources claim that they are investigating him concerning the alleged falsification of records regarding reimbursements for the hush money payment. This is a common misdemeanor in New York. However, if it’s found that it was done to cover up another crime it could lead to a felony. Because the payment was made so close to the election, it could be argued that it was an illegal political donation.

The fact that Bragg’s legal team is trying to get Trump to commit a felony could be a problem. The Post

Legally, it is possible to combine two violations of state laws to pursue a federal candidate. However, the strategy is novel and may be viewed with suspicion by courts. The potential charge of campaign finance is also a little questionable. Federal prosecutors had previously charged John Edwards (D.N.C.), with a similar offense following his 2008 presidential campaign. He rebutted the charge by saying he was trying to hide his faithlessness from his wife, rather than the voters. The trial was over. One count was acquitted and the other charges were hung by the jury. At that point, the Justice Department dropped all charges.

The article notes that Trump’s prosecution “is now bound to be a test case for any future president” and could jeopardize other legal cases Democrats want to use against him. The authors also noted that Justice Department investigations of Jan. 6, 2021 insurrections and classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago are ongoing. “The possibility of obstruction is especially grave.” These cases are much simpler than the Manhattan case.

According to the article, Bragg’s trial must be “airtight” or it is not worth continuing.

The Post has once again got it right. It seems that what they have to say about broken clocks is correct. However, if these people can see the danger in this indictment, then other people will probably be able to too.

Bragg will rely on Stormy Daniels to target Trump. This whole effort will go sour. It will also work in Trump’s favor and give him more ammunition against those who use the power of government to attack him. He will continue to draw attention to the fact that Democrats are using the state to try to influence the 2024 elections. The Democrats could also be playing into the hands of the former president and might regret it.