We Need to Talk About White Liberal Wine Drinking Moms


Joe Biden continues to be disapproved of for his actions, reaching a new low in the RealClearPolitics average. He fell below 40 percent for the second consecutive time since February.

It’s a terrible world. The economy is declining, inflation is killing most Americans, the stock markets are continuing to fall, and the border crisis is a disaster. We could also talk about the mess Biden has made with American’s Foreign Policy, but we aren’t at the moment.

However, one demographic seems to think the president is doing an excellent job: White liberal women who have a college education. These numbers are shocking:

To be clear, and to ensure my editors don’t get me killed, college-educated females who enjoy wine are not a problem. Progressives are often found in the most wealthy areas, such as San Francisco, DC, and Chicago.

Take San Francisco as an example. Just days ago, DA Chesa Boudin, who has led a disastrous criminal justice “reform” movement in the Democrat city, was recalled. Because California’s election system is a dumpster fire, the counting is still going on, but it appears the final result will be around 60-40 to remove him. Boudin’s stronghold was in Haight Ashbury, a mostly white, affluent neighborhood. The Mission, another Boudin stronghold, saw its turnout drop precipitously compared to 2019, an indication that voters were not motivated to keep him, even if they didn’t support his challengers (The Mission is a high-crime area). The neighborhood that voted the strongest to recall him, Sunset, is majority Hispanic.

This is a clue to why we see this gap. A segment of the population believes that “feeling good” is more important than actually creating policies to prevent harm.

Robin DiAngelo wrote the book, “White Fragility”, which is a celebration and critique of social justice politics and critical race theory. She hasn’t had to deal with any of the consequences.

This is a very selfish thing. These college-educated, white wine moms are free to hold any political views they want, but they shouldn’t bring down America.