Judge Issues Restraining Order on Gov. Abbott Transgender Directive Over Kids


A Texas judge ordered Friday’s stay of the directive by Governor Greg Abbott (R.Texas) that state family protective services investigate possible child abuse during the gender transition process in Texas. The directive was intended to examine the risk of child abuse when hormone-altering medication is prescribed and children are being given hormone-altering medication.


Friday’s Texas court ruling blocked Governor Greg Abbott’s directive for child protective services to investigate parents or medical providers regarding gender transition treatment for minors.

Jan Soifer, Travis County District Judge, issued a temporary order of restraining at the request of PFLAG (gay rights organization), which sued Abbott and Texas over his February mandate to the Texas Department of Family Protective Services.

Brian Bond, executive director of PFLAG, stated in a statement that families would be protected from invasive and unnecessary investigations by DFPS because they help their transgender children thrive.

Madeline Leesman, my sister site Townhall.com’s reporter, reported on Thursday:

Texas parents of transgender children are seeking to stop the state’s child abuse investigations.

The Washington Post reported Thursday, that the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating at least nine families for allowing “transgender children” to receive “gender-affirming health care.

Three families from Texas were represented by Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU of Texas.

Lamba Legal stated on its website that “the suit requests that the court stop state investigations into Texas PFLAG families who are supporting their transgender kids with medically required health care.”

Reuters reported Friday that Abbott had not “immediately” commented on the judge’s decision regarding the lawsuit.