WH Brings in More Help for Briefing, but It Still Turns Into a Dumpster Fire


Karine Jean-Pierre is the White House Press Secretary and has been having a difficult time with her job. He continues to do the unjustifiable. Anyone trying to defend him effectively would fail.

In a bizarrely inaccurate comment, she said Tuesday that the American Rescue Plan had contributed to inflation, and helped against inflation.

The Biden team seems to have two strategies instead of changing policies and doing right.

Jean Pierre was cut short to only 13 minutes at the podium. Then she booked it out of there.

We have already reported that her inability to quickly answer questions has annoyed even laissez-faire liberal media. To the oil companies, they say things like “stop talking about War” which is an excuse to not produce anymore.

They also hired John Kirby, who was the Pentagon’s spokesperson. He said something about “patriarchy” and showed up Jean Pierre. They believed Kirby was showing Jean Pierre up and that he said something about “patriarchy “. . You may recall how horrible Kirby was during the Afghan withdrawal, and how he almost never knew the answer.

Biden’s team continues to be incorrect about nearly everything. He brings him in to help. He can’t answer any coherent questions, and the Biden team continues to be wrong about almost everything. Fox’s Peter Doocy asked him some interesting questions, including why they seem to be drilling offshore, rather than here, and how we could reduce Strategic Petroleum Reserves so that it doesn’t become a national security threat.

Kirby couldn’t find an answer and suggested Doocy contact Biden’s energy advisers. This is a sign that they don’t care about national security or any future emergency.

Some claim that Jean-Pierre was marginally more accurate in judging Kirby. Jean-Pierre was a better judge of Kirby, perhaps.

But that’s not saying much.