Geraldo Rivera Appear on ‘The View’ to Whine About?


I was hesitant to cover this story because I knew that some of my faithful readers would say, “Who cares what Geraldo Rivera says?” But, to quote an old Fox News slogan: “We report, You decide.”

Geraldo, who has left Fox after 23 years of service and was fired from “The Five”, took to “The View” on Monday to reveal the truth behind his exit. He talks about a toxic relationship he had with one of the cast members of “The Five”. Although he doesn’t reveal names, it was either Jesse Watters or Greg Gutfeld.

Gutfeld is my choice, but both bets are valid.

He laments, too, that “his philosophy does not fit Fox,” omitting to note that some of his own ludicrous views made him better suited to sit on the set of “The Five” with Whoopi and her harpy crew than to be alone.

He reserved his harshest criticism for the former top-rated Tucker Carlson. Carlson was fired from the network, and he wants to see Carlson’s influence diminish. Geraldo attacked Tucker for airing videos that undermined the Jan.6 Committee’s narrative about “an insurrection”.

Carlson is a great writer. I thought that his presentation was very charismatic. He was number 1 for a good reason…Then, he drifted off into this swampy, murky area where conspiracy theories abound. It’s not only January 6, but a bunch of other, mucky, conspiracies.

I don’t like to be unkind, but that is what he did just, as I would never vote for Donald Trump, I will never forgive Tucker for what he did about January 6.

I’m guessing that neither Tucker nor Trump is interested in Rivera’s “forgiveness.” Rivera, on the other hand, is simply following his lamestream media cohorts who claim that anyone who does not believe that a few hundred protesters unarmed were a serious threat against the most powerful government in history is a QAnon-style white supremacist.

Tucker only showed the footage and questioned whether the crowd’s actions were really a revolt against America.

The recent Wagner Group revolt in Russia is a good example of a real and dangerous threat.

Rivera wants to remain relevant in the D.C. bar scene because he has said about former President Donald Trump:

I’ve vowed that I will devote whatever energy I still have in this career to ensure he never gets re-elected as president. He encouraged people to ruin their lives by going there and inciting a riot.

Geraldo, however, is he as vocal about Biden, Inc., and what appears to be, more and more, the most corrupt government in our history? Not at all.

The normally macho, mustachioed journalist sounded like a schoolchild who was snubbed when he spoke of the toxic relationship that he claimed he experienced on “The Five”:

Rivera revealed more details today, stating that a “toxic” relationship with one of The Five co-hosts was the reason for his dismissal and that it had become increasingly personal. Rivera stated that he felt it was unfair that he was always given the upper hand in disputes with him. His appearances on The Five began to diminish and were sometimes canceled the day before the show aired.

He said Fox News had offered him a place on another show. But he replied, “If you fire me from the #1 Show, I will quit.”

Sunny Hostin asked Rivera why Fox could not have created a new series around him. Rivera replied, “My ideologies do not fit Fox.” They have always squeezed me into the show.

I don’t hate Rivera. He’s been an entertaining and hard-working journalist for decades. Although many may disagree, I believe he paid a high price for his infamous live TV opening of Al Capone’s vault, which was a complete dud, as the vault contained nothing of interest. It was 1986, nearly 40 years ago. He was a young journalist who was trying to establish himself.

Rivera has been involved in many more recent incidents, such as the drunken nude selfie that he posted on the internet back in 2013.

He made his mark early in his career by exposing the horrific conditions of the Willowbrook Nursing Home, located on Staten Island. ABC7 reports that “as a direct result of the WABC-TV broadcast, the way in which people with disabilities are treated has been forever changed.”

He lost his way somewhere along the way. The truth is, as Fox executives realized, he’s perfect for keeping the blinders on to hang out with the nonsensical women of “The View”, and not wasting the time of actual Americans who pay attention. He was once a fascinating voice but has now been reduced to the ranks of unthinking liberal journalists.

Can someone please give him a decent haircut?