What Transformative Research Was NIH Funding at Boston Children’s Hospital?


Elon Musk asked that the GOP keep out people’s bedrooms but he didn’t mention a very real phenomenon. He apparently believes it only happens with support from one side of the political spectrum. If he really wants to get the government out of people’s bedrooms, however, he will have to expand his condemnation. Because Democrats and progressives have a lot of influence in people’s bedrooms. It’s so widespread that one could argue that the reason the transgender debate is so prevalent now is that the left has funded it to ensure that it’s culturally pervasive.

Boston Children’s Hospital is the most prominent transgender youth organization. It is not hard to understand why so many people are shocked at what has been happening in these Harvard-adjacent halls. You can see the scarlet hairs in their videos promoting “gender-affirming” surgery. This is especially true when you consider the mutilation that goes into creating fake phalluses of young girls using forearm flesh.

The sad reality of Boston Children’s Hospital’s actions (read: disfiguring young women in the name of gender equality) is only partially obscured by the bizarre hubris of declaring it “gender-affirming”.

However, the term is not theirs. One with a strong foothold in progressive politics is the descriptor “gender-affirming”. The Pritzker family is a prominent name in progressive politics. They helped to put Barack Obama in office and included Penny Pritzker (current Illinois Governor) among their ranks. Tablet Magazine writes that J.B. Pritzker and Jennifer Pritzker (a transgender woman) are two of the many people who have contributed to America’s struggle with gender equality.

Pritzker’s family appears to have used a family-philanthropic apparatus in order to promote an ideology and practice disembodiment into our legal, medical, and educational institutions.

The normalization and creation of SSI [synthetic sex identity] is a direct reflection of what’s happening in American culture and elsewhere under the umbrella of human rights. The current LGBTQ+ network, which is distinct from the previous movement for equal rights for gays and lesbians in America, ended in 2020 with Bostock v. Clayton County. It found that LGBTQ+ was a protected class for discrimination purposes. They are now working closely with the techno-medical complex, big banks, and international law firms to establish the idea that humans can be sexually dimorphic. This contradicts the basic premises of many feminist movements, which have sexual dimorphism as well as the foundational premises of many of

Pritzkers and other top donors have made investments in the techno-medical complex where new sex identities with high medicalization are being conjured. This allows Pritzkers to normalize the notion that human reproduction sex exists on a spectrum. These investments are directed at creating new SSIs through surgeries and drugs and by instituting rapid translation reforms to support these new identities and encourage institutions and individuals to normalize them. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California Los Angeles advertised several options for young women who believe they can be men. This procedure is known as “gender-affirming” care.

The Pritzkers have lots of money to spend on their favorite projects. It’s a lot.

Boston Children’s Hospital is one of many eagerly awaiting health care facilities that receive funding from the government. According to a 2021 press release, the federal National Institutes of Health has funded transgender programs at Boston Children’s Hospital through something called “transformative Research.” However, the archived version of the press release is still available on the internet.

The goal is, it would seem, to help “gender-diverse” children, teens and young adults gain access to “life-changing”, gender-affirming care. It is also to help the Southeastern states improve their transgender care game. This includes increasing the number of transgender health specialists in the region, as well as providing support for “trans youth” and “their caregivers” through what is called “in-depth programming”.

They are dedicated to their training and their programming program.

The second aspect of this project is also dependent on education and community. Boskey says that when kids openly talk to their families, they are often subject to a lot of questions, even from supportive parents. We hope to create a platform on the internet that gives gender-different youth and their caregivers support and a sense of community.

Both parts of the project will heavily rely on educational simulations. These will be developed in collaboration with Boston Children’s Simulator Program. These simulation-based immersive videos, which are culturally sensitive and tailored to the needs of patients, feature gender-diverse Black actors and Latinx actors. Simulators for caregivers and youth will strengthen communication and mutual understanding. Simulations for providers will give them the skills, knowledge, and language to provide gender-affirming services. In a controlled, randomized trial, the team will evaluate the effectiveness of the platform.

Estrada, the principal investigator of the study, said that they are grateful for the opportunity. We have assembled a team full of dedicated experts, and we expect that our projects will make a significant impact.”

Americans must accept the fact that the majority of funding for sex is coming from the Left if they want to keep politics out of the bedroom.