WHCA Turns on Biden After Tense Reporter Clash, Exposes Alleged ‘Deals’ With the Press


Joe Biden’s press conference in Italy at the G7 was filled with some truly wild moments.

His bizarre answer to a Hunter question was “I’m satisfied that I won’t do anything I said” before he went on to say he would obey the jury’s decision and not pardon his child. We know that Biden does not do what he promises — it’s nice to see him admit this. What was he saying? It’s a very strange comment. According to reports, he also stated that he would not commute the sentence.

Another bizarre moment occurred when Biden snapped at a journalist for daring ask a Hamas question when the topic that Biden prepared for was Ukraine & the G7.

This raised the question about what sort of deals he was making when he said this. He calls on reporters who have been pre-selected and then reads from notes looking as if he knew what questions were coming. Biden previously said that the “deal” meant each reporter would not be asked multiple questions.

Kelly O’Donnell, NBC’s White House Correspondents Association president, has now made a statement. Biden’s comments have upset them.

The White House Correspondents’ Association feels it’s in the public’s interest to clarify that there are no conditions regarding questions at a press conference of a president, whether at home or abroad.

The White House determines the number of journalists the president will acknowledge, but it’s up to the professional journalists to choose what questions to ask. A leader may want reporters to ask only one specific question or only ask about the topic of greatest interest to him or her. But a free press operates independently.”

She said, “WHCA welcomes more opportunities to ask a variety of questions in a setting like a press conference.”

Biden is being thrown under the bus when they say that there are no “deals.” To save face, the media is saying that what Biden says isn’t true. Okay, one more reason to not vote for him.

If we are to believe Biden, then there is a deal. It’s problematic that Biden wants/needs such an accommodation. Either way, there’s another reason to not vote for him. There are times when he may not have the information, but if he cannot answer questions quickly, then that is a problem.

The statement is also so finely crafted that I can’t resist reading it with a fine tooth comb. It says the journalists “decide” what questions to ask, but it does not say that Biden or his staff are given the questions in advance. They do deny any agreement about the number of questions.

The last part is weak. They say they welcome more press conferences. Why not say it straight out that he has been avoiding them and the public deserves answers? This is a passive-aggressive whine, “Please, Sir, may I ask for another?” Response of this kind. They should push for more, particularly when media such as the NY Times has complained in the past that Biden hides from the media.

You can choose between the media and Biden.