Biden’s Bizarre Comments and Major Commitment to Ukraine Steal Spotlight at G7 Summit


Joe Biden will be in Italy for a few days to attend the G7.

He had some embarrassing moments right off the plane. First, he was redirected because he left the plane with a vacant expression on his face. Then, he awkwardly saluted at the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and asked for directions from other leaders. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, said that he was unable to attend a dinner for leaders because of his “overwhelming” schedule. The other leaders are also going, but not with Biden. Biden will be accompanied on this trip by Hunter’s children, including all the adults. He’ll also have his granddaughter Naomi and her husband.

Watch: Biden has trouble immediately upon landing in Italy

Biden’s awkward, embarrassing moments with other leaders at G7

The WH’s terrible response to questions about commuting Hunter’s sentence,

Biden’s travel companions to Italy

From the other leaders, here’s some more information on how to help Joe.

Now he sits down with other leaders and pretends to be working together.

How do you recognize Joe? Watch for him to appear behind Meloni.

Then they got to work. Biden began by shaking hands with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and he then reviewed his script.

Biden intends to sign a 10-year deal to provide Ukraine with military equipment and arms to combat Russia.

What is ten years? He’s kidding, right? How long will this last? What’s the plan? What is the endgame?

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor, told reporters aboard Air Force One: “We want the U.S. to show that it supports the people in Ukraine, that it stands with them, and that we will continue to address their security concerns not only tomorrow, but well into the future.”

Sullivan said that “if Vladimir Putin believes he can outlast a coalition that supports Ukraine, he is wrong.”

He shows no concern for his security. Our border has been a mess ever since he came into office. He doesn’t seem to care that Russia is moving closer to Cuba.

The Russians are Coming! Vlad’s Navy on Cuba

Now let the panic begin! A Russian submarine and frigate visit Havana

Biden’s speech was a bizarre exercise. He talked about the “ocean trains.”

What he is trying to say is a little muddled.

If you have to listen closely to understand him, then there is a problem. It’s because of this that people say he can be difficult to understand when he speaks.

He then stumbled over himself as he spoke about BlackRock and other investment companies.

It’s going to be a tough couple of days for Biden. He is already off to a poor start.