Whoopi Sparks Outrage: Scolding the Struggling, Claims Trump Would Resort to ‘Camps’ for the Poor


To begin this article I must disclaim the content, which is ridiculous. No, the daily bilge that the “The View’ co-hosts spew is not newsworthy.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the more we expose various leftist narratives, the greater the chance of more people seeing them, including people who may not have otherwise understood how wacky — and dishonest — these people are. Let’s get started.

Whoopi Goldberg, on Monday’s “The View” episode, thought it would be a good idea to criticize poor people who were worried about their finances after three years under Bidenomics. This has resulted in a 17 percent increase in food prices since Joe Biden became president.

Whoopi’s take? It’s not a good reason to vote against Joe, because she warned that if Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2024, he would put people who are struggling to pay bills into “camps.” Yeah.

Sunny Hostin, a race-hoasting hostess who is known for her catastrophizing remarks about Republicans’ plans to “dismantle”, and more, elite colleges and Universities.

We’re watching a long-term game by the Republican Party. We see that they’re dismantling institutions or trying to do so.

All of a sudden, the elite colleges and Universities in the world were the ones they went to. Everyone in the Supreme Court attended. Elise Stefanik was there. All of the congressmen went there. Ted Cruz was there. These schools are no longer good enough because — I believe because people who don’t look the same as them now get in. Affirmative action, no more. Why? Why?

Women no longer have the right to control their reproductive bodies. Why? They want to have control over women. Why are French, Mandarin, and Spanish being removed from our public school system? We want to be monolithic, a monolingual culture that can’t compete in the global market. The Republicans deliberately dumb down our electorate by erasing the past, so [the] history can become prologue and they can stay in power.

Hostin, as is the norm on “The View”, offered no evidence to support her ridiculous claims. She then became even more absurd when she moved on to Bidenflation.

It’s the best of grievance politics because people understand what Sara said – “I cannot pay my electric bill.” My gas bill is high. I need to eat. Why?

Why am I in this situation? Why is my station in life like this?

It’s not an accident that this is a culture war. I wish more people would see it as such.

Bidenflation is the reason, idiot. Whoopi then took it to an entirely new level of stupidity.

It’s fascinating to me that the people’s trust in their country is declining. This is what… irritates me. There’s a good reason why Joe Biden ran in the manner he did. It’s for this reason that he is running now to promote democracy, as it’s the real issue at hand.

Are you worried about not being able to pay your bills? You won’t need to worry because when the other guy is elected president, you will be in a camp somewhere. That’s what he promised. He promised us that he would force people to follow his orders. He said that. I will be good from the first day, and then I will change into another person.

Here’s what you need to know. It’s all up to YOU. It’s all up to YOU. This is up to you. What kind of country do you want? Do you want that country you thought you had, where everyone can say what they think, and no one has to fear being American, or do you want to have the kind of country you imagined, where you don’t need to worry about people coming in and claiming to be Americans, but you know that some will come quickly and others will go a different way? They’re here because their home is not good for them and their families.

If you accept that, if you know that, then you should fight to help us find a way to make immigration more effective. Fight to make immigration work. Fight for that.

I don’t know what the last line means. I wonder what Whoopi meant when she said that?

It’s no wonder that people who watch this nonsense day after day, religiously, end up being so ignorantly programmed as to be ridiculous. Maybe I missed Donald Trump’s threat to place poor people in “camps,” but I doubt it.


While I was writing the article, Geoge Carlin, the late comic, said: “Never underestimate stupid people in groups.” To that, I would add: “Never undervalue the deliberate ignorance of some talk show hosts.”