House Democrats Issue Ultimatum to Columbia University Admin: “Negotiation Time Is Up”


Columbia University leadership has been told by 21 House Democrats “the time for negotiation is over”, after an antisemitic camp on campus has been raging for weeks.

Twenty-one House Democrats led by Reps. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey and Dan Goldman of New York signed a petition urging Columbia University’s Board of Trustees to disband “the unauthorized and unadmissible encampment of antisemitic and anti-Israel activists” on campus.

If the protesters do not remove their camp by Monday at 2 pm, they will be suspended from the university.

The students wrote that this prevented many of them from attending class, visiting the main library, or leaving their dorms. It was apparent that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act had been violated. This seemed to be a violation of Title VI.

The House Democrats wrote that: “Instead of solving the root cause of discrimination and harassment students face on campus the Administration decided to segregate some students from campus completely, creating an unsafe campus environment for students of all backgrounds.”

While expressing their gratitude for Columbia’s administration’s attempts to “negotiate with good faith” to reach an accord allowing those within the encampment to disperse without police intervention. The House Democrats wrote that it was “now abundantly obvious that students and activists who are firmly entrenched in the campus will not engage in a disbandment agreement that is required to bring Title VI compliance to the University.”

The University cannot accept the terms that those who violate the law impose on it. “The letter says that the time is now for the university, to disband the camp and ensure safety and protection for all of its students. The Board of Trustees must act immediately. ”

Elise Stefanik, the House GOP Chair of the New York Delegation is Elise Stefanik. The members of the House Education and Workforce Committee had all demanded that Minouche Shafik resign as president of Columbia University after the antisemitic protests continued the days following her testimony. Shafik then allowed the police into campus and arrested over 100 demonstrators. Later that weekend, the encampment was reorganized and remained outside of the university’s gate, because Shafik decided to keep the police at bay.

Stefanik stated in a release that Shafik “lied to Congress multiple times about the radical, pro-terrorist Professor Mohamed Abdou’s employment status.”

In a letter sent on Monday, the Democrats explained that Columbia has become a breeding place for antisemitic attacks against Jewish students. Hate speech, harassment, and intimidation are all included. Even threats of violence have been made. The article cites an example where a student held a sign reading “Al-Qa[ss]am’s next targets,” a reference to the Hamas’ military wing, which is responsible for the atrocities of October 7, and the brutal imprisonment of innocent civilians including Americans.

House Democrats also noted that one protester had said previously, “Zionists are Nazis.” The students chanted “From the River to Sea,” an anthem to “eliminate Israel and all Jews within its borders.”

Democrats noted that the White House stated: “While Americans have a right to peacefully demonstrate, calls for violence and physical intimidation of Jewish students and Jewish Community members are dangerous and blatantly unacceptable.” “These people have no place on any college campus in the United States of America. ”

Shafik stated in a Monday letter that academics had failed to reach a consensus with student organizers about “finding a way to dismantle the encampment.” He bemoaned the “tragedy” of Jewish students leaving campus due to the “intolerable environment”.

Shafik said, in response to the protesters’ demands, that the University, while it would not divest from Israel its investments, offered a timeline for expedited review of new proposals made by students. The Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing, which is responsible for divestment decisions, is a body that considers these issues.

She added, “The university has offered to invest in early childhood development, health, and education as well as support for displaced scholars.”

Shafik stated that the university was not referring to the possibility of further police action. It said that they were urging the people who had encamped “voluntarily disperse.” The university also said that it was “consulting a broader group in our community to explore other options to end this crisis as quickly as possible.”

Stefanik has again criticized Shafik in a statement for his failure to condemn the “vile” antisemitism that was prevalent at the illegal camp. She added: “There’s no mention about protecting Jewish Columbia Students from the raging Antisemitism. ”

Stefanik said that it is more important than ever to hold these “elite universities” accountable.