Woke Bank Tells Customers to Leave If They Don’t Like Pronoun Badges


Halifax Bank stated that customers can move their business to another bank if they don’t agree with the use of gender pronoun name tags.

The subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group Halifax Bank posted a photo of a Halifax Bank employee wearing a name tag with the pronouns “she/her/hers” under her name.

Users on social media reacted strongly to the emergence of woke identity politics in high street banking. They urged the bank not to promote gender ideology and instead focus on managing money.

Gareth Roberts was a novelist and a former Doctor Who writer. He said that he had been banking at Halifax since 1988.

Martin Daubney, Reclaim Party deputy leader, said: “Pronouns don’t matter Halifax. No/One/Cares”.

Daubney, an ex-MEP from the Brexity Party, warned that gendered pronouns have become “compelled speech”, in which compliance is expected. Non-compliance is a sign of bigotry. “It’s not your business” will not be a defense in the future.

Halifax responded to criticism by writing: “We strive towards inclusion, equality, and, quite simply… in doing what is right. You are welcome to close your account if you don’t agree with our values. The bank posted instructions on how to close an existing account.”

A bank spokesperson stated that they wanted to create an environment that is safe and acceptable, which would allow for the discussion about gender identity. It’s easy for us to prevent accidental misgendering because we care about the individual preferences of our customers and colleagues.

“Adding pronouns to your name is entirely optional. Because we recognize how important it is for gender identity to be discussed in a safe, accepting environment, we offer our colleagues this option.”

Stonewall, a controversial far-left LGBTQ+ charity, supported the bank. Stonewall wrote that it was great to see Halifax Bank offer staff the option of having their pronouns included on badges.

“The simple, yet powerful way to ensure that LGBTQ+ identities are respected by employees and customers is to have pronouns on badges.”

Tom Harwood, a supposedly conservative journalist for GB News wrote that “I don’t understand why anyone would get annoyed by people voluntarily adding pronouns on name badges and email signatures. Sometimes, it is actually useful. It’s would be understandable if people got annoyed by being told they must.”

Major British institutions have been witnessing the rise of gendered pronouns, including the BBC. Employees were trained recently that there are more than 150 genders using pronouns like “xem”, “xyrs”, and “xem”.

According to reports, the Civil Service, the deep-state bureaucracy of government, encouraged employees to tell their colleagues their preferred pronouns and to avoid gendered words such as “mother” or “father”.