Woke Yale Group That Attempted Out-Shouting Free Speech Protest Gets Strong Feedback from DC Circuit Judge


College campuses are a stark reminder of America’s intolerance of free speech and diversity.

This has been a constant theme for the past 20 years. Sometimes, their bullying or protests can result in the cancellation or rescheduling of an event.

Yale Law School witnessed the same scene. Yale Law School also witnessed it.

The Yale Federalist Society hosted the panel on March 10. Monica Miller, a progressive American Humanist Association Member, and Kristen Waggoner, a conservative Christian Member of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Anyone who reads this article will be surprised.

Protesters started to protest against members of the Federalist Society as they stood. Kate Stith was able to stop them from making such comments. One protester said she would “literally fight” you, bitch.

Stith reminded students of Yale’s free speech policies. He stated that protests cannot interfere with speakers’ rights to talk and listen to members of the community.

See the video below to see what happened when leftists who were not very tolerant didn’t seem to care.

Protesters fled, but conditions didn’t improve. According to the FB report (language warning),

One protester shouted, “Fucky FedSoc!” One protester shouted “Fucky FedSoc!” as he left.

As reported by the FB, the panelists were unfortunately escorted from the building by police.

It might be tempting to be pessimistic about future prospects for the legal profession after the Yale event. Circuit Court offered a solution. He hoped that more judges would follow his lead to end anti-free speech at American colleges.

Federal judges pay close attention to Yale Law School and similar institutions. Federal judges pay attention to Yale Law School and similar institutions.

“I was shocked by the Yale Law School’s recent actions in which students tried to shout down speakers at a panel discussion about free speech. I suggested that federal judges carefully consider whether any student identified this way should be disqualified for potential clerkships.

His contemporaries came to an agreement with Silberman (a Reagan appointee).

It’s not surprising that an Obama-appointed judge couldn’t be bothered.

Is his email “clogged up” with opinions from top lawyers on the topic of law students not understanding freedom of speech?

Silberman’s idea, or one similar, should be accepted in all instances. The only way to convince woke Leftists that they are wrong is to show them the academic, legal, professional, and financial consequences of their actions.