The Lefts Are Having A Field Day About Kyle Rittenhouse Again


Kyle Rittenhouse sees the left fall again.

Rittenhouse twitted the clip he didn’t make from a meme that Joe Biden used to criticize Joe Biden about gas prices.

It’s not Lemon Heads Rittenhouse who writes. It’s the burning hole that Joe Biden has left in my pocket.

Some speculated that he was crying, and LeBron James was laughing at him using the “lemon head” technique.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you can’t get a fair trial and the liberal media are against you. The White House occupier has been demonizing white supremacists just like you.

He said, “No, it wasn’t fake.” He used Twitter to mention it in an attempt to get it back.

These facts are not changed. Video footage clearly demonstrates Rittenhouse in self-defense.

He is so mad at the Left that they are losing all sense of control. It was an obvious meme that Rittenhouse had reenacted the trial testimony.

This is critical thinking.

Some people thought the video was proof that he was innocent.

Katie Phang (an MSNBC legal contributor) thought Rittenhouse’s posting of this meme would have an impact on the jury.

These tweets overlook the fact that the jury could see almost every minute of the incident and could therefore see the self-defense. The jury should base its decisions on facts and not politics.

It’s amazing to see how ignorant the left is. They don’t know if the victims are white or if they were brought over state lines.

Rittenhouse might be having the last laugh with liberal media.