You Won’t Believe What Fauci Thinks He Symbolizes


The embattled NIAID Director, Chief White House Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci addressed a crowd at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle. He boasted about the rise in young applicants to medical school.

“It’s called ‘the Fauci effect,’” he said. “Which is sort of like, you know – trust me, I don’t get excited about that,” he interjected, though the hubris was clear. “I mean, it’s nice, but it’s… people go to medical school now, people are interested in science, not because of me – because most people don’t know me, who I am. My friends know me, my wife knows me – people don’t know me. It’s what I symbolize.”

What, praytell? Does Fauci think he is representing?

He continued, “And what I symbolize,” adding that “in an age of the normalization untruths, lies and all the other things going in society, starting January 6th to all the rest of it, people are looking for consistency, integrity, truth, and people caring about others.”

Liberal media have been pushing “The Fauci Effect” as a way to explain the surge in medical school applications during the pandemic. Curiously, “The bin Laden Effect” was not used to describe the rise in military enlistment following 9/11.

Who would have thought that a pandemic could be the real inspiration for young people to pursue a career as a physician?

Fauci claims that he represents truth, consistency, integrity, and truth. How many flip-flops has he already covered? We’ve seen him attempt to rewrite the history of COVID vaccines. One of his most memorable was his flip-flops on the COVID laboratory leak theory. Fauci’s leadership in the COVID pandemic was fraught with controversy. It’s clear that science has played a greater role than politics in his decisions. Even for children not at risk of COVID, he advocated universal vaccinations. He pushed for universal vaccinations, even though he was not at high risk from COVID. He was arrogant enough to say that anyone who criticized him was dangerous because they represent “science.” We learned that he was told COVID-19 could be engineered, but he insisted for more than a year that it was natural. His disgusting, unnecessary and medically unnecessary experiments with puppies are just a few of the many problems he has caused by COVID.