YouTube Scrubs Italian Prime Minister’s Pro-Family Speech With No Explanation


YouTube may not be the best place for Giorgia Maloni to be heard.

Giorgia was elected recently as the first woman prime minister in the country’s modern-day history. Although this might have been welcomed by some Leftists, Giorgia doesn’t agree and will not consider it a victory.

Legacy media actually described the lady as evil.

CBS News:

This is Giorgia’s stunning victory with her Brothers of Italy Party. It is remarkable because it was just a fringe party a few years back and amazing because of Italy’s terrible history of hard-Right parties taking power.

Opponents of the party say that the party’s hard-Right politics could cause the country to return to its dark past. 100 years ago, Mussolini marched upon Rome and plunged it into two decades of dictatorship and an alliance against Hitler. The Brothers of Italy once existed on the fringes. They were once on the fringes. But they became the largest party in the country.

CBS reports Giorgia doesn’t support surrogacy and adoption for same-sex partners.

It is possible that Hitler could be any person who has not served as the head of a country before.

CBS, on the location:

Here is where Mussolini would make…fiery speeches. She worries that her opponent could repeat the past since she has never governed this country.

Giorgia talks out about her values through a viral video. These words can also be used to identify wickedness:

“This is about what you’re doing today. I cannot be just a number. I will become a slave or a simple consumer to financial speculators. ”

She even quoted G.K. Chesterton (a Christian theologian):

Chesterton wrote … “Fires were lit to prove that two and three make four. We are ready.”

YouTube clearly found that the video was unacceptable. YouTube has removed the video.

National Review reports

YouTube appears to have removed a version of Giorgia’s 2019 speech that focused on leftist attacks against the family unit and God.

On Wednesday, the platform removed the video. It left a note saying: “This video has been removed because YouTube’s Community Guidelines have been violated. ” …

The video went viral after Meloni’s win Monday as the leader of a right-wing coalition that won 44% of the Italian electorate.

Youtube claims that it can block videos with spam and misleading practices, “sensitive material” such as suicidality, nudity, or vulgar language, and “violent and hazardous content” such as hate speech, harassment, and firearms. Youtube didn’t say which rule Meloni was referring to.

We won’t know why the video was 86-failed. This is unlikely as tech platforms don’t seem to care about explaining their confusing moves.

Dear family identity lovers: Please don’t be Hitler and Mussolini.