Bodycam Footage Shows Tacoma Officer Put Down an Armed Man With Single Shot at 183 Yards


According to reports, Peter Tyler Collins, a 40-year-old suspect in an assault, engaged police in a 16-minute shootout at the 6700 block of Monroe in Tacoma. Christopher Munn, 38-year-old Tacoma Police Department Officer, fired a single shot of 183 yards (549 feet) to end the ordeal.

On Monday, the Pierce County Force Investigation Team released Munn’s bodycam footage. This shows exactly how the police-involved shooting happened. (Munn takes the shot at 5:54).

Pierce County Force Investigation Team

According to the PCFIT officers responded to a call about an assault at a South Monroe street residence around 2 p.m. on August 28. According to reports, the 911 caller indicated that the suspect was not using a weapon in the attack but had several firearms in his possession and may have tried to “shoot” police.

Officers arrived at the residence of Collins’ nephew at 2:20 p.m. Soon, they found probable cause to arrest Peter Collins for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree.

Collins was not cooperating with officers who tried to reach him. Collins yelled obscenities at officers and fled into his house. Collins resurfaced soon after officers had positioned themselves around the house and began to get something from his car trunk.

Officer Figueras said, “Let’s see your hands man.” “Come out, and talk to me.”

It quickly became chaotic.

Collins opened fire on Figueras when he was confronted at the residence. The officer responded in kind.

“He has a lot of guns!” Figueras said.

Collins carried two semiautomatic rifles and two handguns along with a lot of ammunition.

Figueras is heard requesting units in the bodycam footage. “I have no angle, I have no angle!”

At 2:57 p.m. another call was received over the radio: “Shots fired…he’s actively firing at us.”

Nearly a minute later, Officer Zachary Hobbs opened fire upon the gunman.

Investigators later found that Collins had fired fifteen rounds, twelve.223 caliber rounds, and three.30 caliber rounds. The police responded with nine shots, of which the last was decisive.

Collins fired several high-velocity rounds at Officer Munn as he walked up to his car.

Minutes later, an officer radioed in to say that the suspect was “firing at Madison…he keeps firing” and that the suspect had “reloaded.”

Munn did not seem to be fazed and retrieved his patrol rifle. Munn was 183 yards away when the suspect acknowledged that he had reloaded. “Shots fired!” Munn said.

Munn confirmed that the order was restored to the area: “Suspect’s Down.”

Officers and medical personnel quickly advanced to the scene, finding the suspect lying on the ground underneath his right arm. He was declared dead at the scene despite lifesaving efforts.

Investigators found that Collins was twice wounded by Munn, and then again by a self-inflicted gunshot. According to the Pierce County medical examiner, Collins died from a gunshot wound to his chest.