A CNN Analyst Suggested Physical Destruction Against The Freedom Convoy


Left-leaning supporters of protests at BLM are suffering from severe hypocrite whiplash. They attack Freedom Convoy protestors protesting COVID mandates in Canada, and other restrictions by jumping on liberal media narratives.

Juliette Kayyem is a CNN analyst and Harvard Professor. She tweeted about a Wall Street Journal article in which truckers had blocked a border crossing between Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario. She gave some suggestions for ending the Freedom Convoy.

Let’s just say Harvard/CNN isn’t doing their best. She doesn’t even know how the trucks are set up and why they refuse to take a request from Ottawa. They support truckers and work with them.

Kayyem increased the severity of punishments she demanded protesters to be subjected to.

It is not acceptable to suddenly protest freedom protests and then make fun of them. They were all supporting the BLM which caused hundreds of riots, and hundreds of police officers were injured. Kayyem made it clear, however, that the BLM was allowed to protest despite the pandemic.

#blacklivesmatter does not just concern its disproportionate impact on minorities. Coronavirus exposed an inept federal government that was morally corrupt and incapable of protesting when it became citizens’ responsibility.

She is angry about the Freedom Convoy’s disruption of trade. A Johns Hopkins study concluded that lockdowns had no real purpose. However, it has been costly for many protestors.

What people do is a way to tell if they care about the thoughts and feelings of Canadians.

Kayyem’s comments were met with outrage online. Many were stunned at Kayyem’s hypocrisy, and the stupidity of her tweet.