White House Had To Address That No, They Aren’t Giving Out Crack Pipes


The Washington Free Beacon published earlier this week that a $30 million grant program would be used to fund “smoking kits” for addicts, which included crack pipes.

The Free Beacon asked an HHS spokesperson about the pipes. They confirmed it. The spokesperson stated that the kits would allow users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and other illicit substances.

The White House has now called it “blatant misinformation” — which is strange, considering the Free Beacon didn’t believe the government spokesperson when they confirmed that the government was entering the head shop business.

It is possible to imagine that New York Times, Washington Post would have broken the story.

HHS published a report about the funding but later changed its mind and issued a Tuesday statement in which it said that the story was “blatant misinformation”.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stated Wednesday that crack pipes are “never a component of the kit.” However, the program does not specify what is included in any funding kit. According to an HHS spokesperson, the Free Beacon said that the program does not specify the elements of the kits but only the parameters.

Although the story might be misleading and inaccurate, who is to blame? If an HHS flunkie from the press relations office is going to provide “misleading or misinformed” information about stories, he shouldn’t talk to the media.

HHS originally defended the entire concept of a “smoking kit” for crack addicts.
Marsha Blackburn, a Republican senator from Tennessee, said Wednesday that she would suspend funding until the program is modified to prohibit drug paraphernalia spending. The language in the government funding document remains unchanged, so the White House denials are meaningless to her.

Are you arrogant or stupid? This can’t be stupidity, because it’s dangerous and reckless to give this paraphernalia out to people.

This leaves us with arrogance. Someone from a left-wing advocacy group may have suggested that crack pipes be given to people to prevent them from getting burns in their mouths as often, even though the crack pipes they smoke will cause death. Besides, the concept is so…so…REVOLUTIONARY! What left-wing nuts wouldn’t love to be able to advocate something “revolutionary” from the time they are here?

This program is being misrepresented by the Department of Health and Human Services. It was not misinformation. It wasn’t misleading. HHS changed the parameters of HHS’s program after the Free Beacon exposed the truth.