Kamala Harris Is A MORON, The White House Alters Transcript To Conceal What We Already Know


It was there. Despite the fact that Ukraine does not belong to NATO, this is what it did. It would be an act of solidarity against the Ukrainian people, but not a defense for NATO. The act of standing firmly beside the Ukrainian people is not a defense of NATO. ”

The bracketed “and” is a tacit admission made by the White House gremlins. She meant to say “and”, but didn’t.

Harris was asked about the recent rise of gas prices and the history of inflation in the United States. Harris looked at President Klaus Iohannis, Romania, before responding to his question. He wanted to know more about her country’s current situation. uh. The topics covered a wide range of topics, including the Black Sea problem. I’ll let him explain more in detail if he wants. You may have missed Harris’s section on inflation and skyrocketing gasoline costs.

Harris may not be smart, but she is a very woke person. In November 2021, Harris was listening to a NASA speaker about “climate adaptation strategies”. She interrupted him to ask, “Can you, um? measure trees?” Harris, perhaps trying to make fun of the fake vice president, continued: “Cause part. That data, and it’s EJ environmental justice — you also can track their averages in terms of the number of trees in the area they live in.

Harris is convinced of the socialist race-baiting myth that trees are being distributed in a racist manner. Harris believes in the socialist race-baiting myth of trees being distributed in a racist way.

Kamala Harris is the only one who can see she’s not very bright. They were all white men.

It’s a tired excuse, Ms. Harris. It’s the exact same piece, with the Leftist sloganeering and quality of your other statements.