Susan Collins Is Untruthful About Being Lied To


We’ve been exposed to a slew of lies by the left since the Dobbs ruling was released. Many still believe that abortion is illegal in this country. Others would like you to believe that women have been made second-class citizens and that the Supreme Court has become “illegitimate” or that Trump’s nominees to the court “lied to Senators” because they “promised to uphold precedent.

Maine RINO Senator Susan Collins has been the most vocal on this last point. She said that Dobbs-v. Jackson was inconsistent with the testimony of Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and her meetings with me. Both were clear about the importance to support long-standing precedents on which the country can rely.

Mike Davis, the head of Article III Project, claims that it’s all hogwash.

“These liberal politicians, regardless of whether it’s Chuck Schumer going to the Supreme Court in 2020 and threatening Justice Gorsuch or Kavanaugh by name if he did not rule his own way in an abortion case, to liberal Republican Susan Collins accusing them both of essentially lying, vote trading, I think Washington, D.C. politicians need to cool down. Davis stated to Fox News that they need to temper their rhetoric.

Davis knows because he has firsthand knowledge.

Davis stated, “I was Justice Gorsuch’s former law clerk for his confirmation. I was also the Senate leader for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I also worked on Justice Alito and Chief Justice’s confirmations in the Bush 43 White House. I also worked on Justice Barrett’s confirmation through Article III Project, which I manage.” They follow the judicial norms and their job is to respect precedent when they speak about it. This includes reviewing precedent under the law on precedent to determine if the precedent is still valid.

Davis claims that Collins’ claim that Gorsuch or Kavanaugh lied about her “shows she didn’t do her homework and that she has a fundamental misunderstood of the law of precedent”.

He continued, “Think of it this way.” “If you were a party to the Supreme Court, what would you feel? If you got there and found that the law didn’t matter, the facts didn’t matter, then you could be this coach. Because Supreme Court justices… traded their vote on your case in a backroom deal years ago for a senator’s confirmation vote. We are not a third-world banana republic. Susan Collins must temper her rhetoric.”