Young Americans Voted to Ruin their Lives


The New York Times published this column by John Della Volpe, a left-wing academic who is also the director of polling at Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

His politics can be seen in the first sentence of Mr. Della Volpe. He stated that young Americans are “stressed” by the idea of democracy and losing their rights.

Harvard and nearly every other American university tell America’s young people this: “Because The Right is taking away your rights and destroying your democracy.”

It’s ironic that the greatest threat to democracy and the rights of Americans comes from the Left. Ever since Stalin called Trotsky “fascist”, it has been calling its opponents what they are.

It almost always works.

It is working in America. Della Volpe wrote, “According to the fall 2022 Harvard Youth Poll, a national survey I oversee from the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, 59 percent of young Americans feel that their rights have been attacked and 73 percent feel threatened. ”

The Left’s statements have been the only thing young Americans hear. Trump supporters were also declared fascists by the current US president

For four years, Trump served as President of the United States. Trump was President of the United States for 4 years. His restored Twitter account is a good example of this. However, unlike the violent left-wing protests in 2020, which nearly all Democrats condemned and Trump’s Jan. 6, Capitol breach was not condemned by Republicans. Mike Pence (then-Republican vice president) refused to allow protesters to invalidate the 2020 election results. This was four years after Trump had been called a fascist by the Left.

Concerning Trump’s belief that the election was stolen, Democrats, including Hillary Clinton said that Trump did not win the 2016 election. Protesters occupied the Senate building on Capitol Hill in 2018 to protest Brett Kavanaugh being nominated.

It is not the conservatives who threaten democracy and freedom. It is the most fundamental freedom.

The Left is still popular among the youth. These are the results from exit polls, according to Della Volpe.

This was largely due to the 64% vote of young voters who voted for her, as opposed to Laxalt’s 31%.

Many young Americans voted for the people who were ruining their lives.

The Left is responsible for the high rates of despair and depression among young adults.

The Left has denied education to children for almost two decades, without any reason.

For almost two years, the Left ensured that children under five didn’t see anyone outside their homes.

The fear of global warming is what the Left uses to scare young Americans.

The Left has decimated the most fundamental beliefs in a citizen’s life, particularly for young people: belief in God, patriotism, and belief that they are good citizens.

The Left is lying to them about everything from nonbinary genders and America’s founding to white racism within the country to Leftist opponents, to fascists.

The Left is working fast to sexualize children before they’re ready. They discuss sex and the falsehood of sex being “nonbinary” for children beginning in kindergarten.

Drag Queen Story Hours are open to children as young as five years of age. This is where men dress up as women and read and dance for their children, often in a sexualized manner.

The Left tirelessly tries to undermine the authority of parents who are the most important in a child’s life.

Young people believe they are part of the Left and have seen a remarkable rise in their belief.

The Left suppresses common-sense dissent and corrupts young minds. Any girl who believes it is unfair will be kicked out of her team.

They vote to destroy themselves.