Lori Lightfoot Causes Whiplash With Dueling Hot Takes on Chicago’s Violent Crime Problem


Lori Lightfoot, former Chicago mayor, lost her bid to be reelected in part because Chicagoans didn’t believe she was doing enough about the violent crimes that have taken over the city.

Lightfoot said, on Friday, at the African American Mayors Association Conference, in Washington, D.C., that “as Democrats, we’ll be worse off if we don’t speak the truth about violence in our cities.”

“I am a former federal prosecutor. Lightfoot added, “I come to this conversation as a former federal prosecutor and the sister of someone who is returning to the area.” “But I am aware that there are individuals in my city who are creating havoc on a daily basis and should be removed from the streets. That’s reality.”

What do we tell the people in our neighborhood who are afraid of crimes, and most of them look just like us? We say ‘yeah the police department spends all this time and money to arrest and put a case together’, and then the judges and prosecutors reply ‘you’re right, they’re spending it on you.’ If we say, ‘yeah, the police department is spending all this time and resources to arrest, put a case on’ and the judges and prosecutors say ‘you know what?

Lightfoot asked “what does it say to someone who has the courage to identify the shooter in their neighborhood and then two days later sees Pookie walking around as boldly as ever on the street, what is that saying to them?”

Lightfoot: “You are telling them that criminal justice doesn’t care for victims and witnesses.” Lightfoot said: “If we don’t bring this up every day to these prosecutors and judges, who don’t even live in our cities, and don’t really care what’s going on, we will lose the opportunity to speak out for victims, witnesses, and residents that just want peace.”

“We gotta say it,” she added. “We gotta say it.”

It’s too late. She has already shown that she does not care, as the crime rate has risen during her tenure. Was she doing during her entire tenure in office? This was her response even last week to violent street takeovers by teens where two teenagers had been shot and hundreds of people blocked traffic, fought and smashed vehicles in the streets.

She claimed that “the vast majority of young people…came downtown due to the great weather,” She is “speaking the truth” when she says, “It would be wrong to call this mayhem.”

Every time Democrats are in power, whether it’s in Chicago or at the national level with Joe Biden, chaos ensues. Brandon Johnson is even more left-wing than Lightfoot, so things will likely get worse in Chicago. Johnson’s response to the violence of last week was shameful. He said that he did not think it constructive to “demonize youth” who are otherwise deprived of opportunities within their communities.

Even the Chicago Tribune has criticized him for that.

Chicago will not change until the radical Democrats are thrown out.