As Elon Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Gets Closer, Leftists Melt Down


Twitter is seeing things get a lot brighter, but the roaches aren’t happy.

We reported previously that SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk is nearing the purchase of Twitter. Two people with insider information told the New York Times Musk and the board were in negotiations to make their bid on Monday.

The Times article. It was quickly followed by articles on Bloomberg, and Reuters, which reported that Musk and Twitter’s board are in talks.

This is great news for Musk fans or those who support his goal to make Twitter a free speech platform. It may mean that we are one step closer to creating a platform that allows the free exchange of ideas without being censored by ideological extremists.

This is a sad day for ideological radicals and those who believed their nonsense.

On Monday morning, “RIP Twitter” was a popular trend. It was filled with sad and angry authoritarians lamenting their course handicap loss. Their arguments and points won’t survive the public weight and measurement without the establishment influencing the conversation.

They are obviously sashing each other.

“RIP Twitter” was easily overpowered by a trending hashtag @ElonMuskBuyTwitter. But I wanted to highlight something. Many leftists started yelling the word they love to use the most: “disinformation.” With Musk at the helm, it’s feared that people will spread lies and lie to convince others of harmful things. This could lead to hatred towards another group.

They don’t need to worry, I would say. Twitter has been doing this since the beginning.

Twitter’s staff enforced misinformation because it was such a foundational principle. Twitter has been known to use false information regarding the coronavirus pandemic and basic biology. It also censors doctors and scientists. It enforced its terms of services selectively. It punished those who told the truth and called it “hate speech” and “misinformation” more than those who lied.

I’m sorry to say that the platform has been full of misinformation for so long that you are concerned about it.

If they are worried about spreading hate, then I have even worse news. Although the “hate” existed already, it was just allowed to spread one way. I highlighted years back that Twitter would allow threats to children of conservatives until they became so outraged by the public that they had to take action.

Twitter will continue to be subject to hate speech and misinformation under free speech rules. It has always done so. It can now be challenged.

As I have said before, people who are mad about this aren’t mad about the things they claim to be mad about. They are mad that they won’t be able anymore.

If Musk’s purchase goes through, the national conversation will change dramatically. What kind of view will the general public adopt if they don’t have control over the narrative on the west’s most popular chat platform?

It will be interesting to see what happens, but it is encouraging for the first time in a very long time.