Wait, How Many Vacations Has Joe Biden Went On During His Presidency?


Since Tuesday, Old Joe Biden had been the pretend president of the United States for 348 consecutive days. The pretend president was not even trying to maintain the pretense during 95 of those 348 unhappy days. Instead, he was away on vacation. This means that Old Joe was absent for 27.3% of his presidency or whatever it was.

The National Pulse reports that Biden was the alleged president for just two and a quarter weeks before he first returned to Delaware. While Donald Trump was vilified by the media (which loathed everything he did and even more hated when he did nothing), every time Biden took time off, Kay Smythe from the Pulse reported that Biden’s “trips back-and-forth to his home state for personal time’ were celebrated by far-left media. The 79-year old was praised for running after his dogs, but he isn’t playing golf.

Old Joe was already leaving the Potemkin press conferences and the sycophantic media by October 2021. These vacations were not working vacations. Smythe reports that Old Joe had only one vacation and that he did so to relax to his job when he visited Dover Air Force Base to honor the 11 servicemen who were killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul.

Biden’s incessant holidaying does not mean that he’s not on the job. Biden is not always on the job in Washington, but it is clear. Biden has made it clear more than once that he’s not the one in charge. He started to in a press conference on Dec. 21: “I’m supposed not to be having that press conference right now.”

It is not clear who tells the president of America when he can or cannot hold press conferences, but such a person is certainly there and appears to be a strict taskmaster. They act as though they are well aware of Barack Obama’s famous dictum “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** up” and want to make sure that he has as few opportunities as possible. Biden stated last June at the G7 Summit: “I’m sorry. I’m going in trouble with the staff.” In November, Oval Office puppet made the impression he wasn’t supposed to answer too many questions. “I can take…I’m going to be in real trouble…this is the last question that I’m answering.”

Many believe that Biden is controlled by his handlers, who include White House chief of staff Ron Klain and Susan Rice. People who really run the show don’t care if Old Joe is at the White House or at his taxpayer-funded beach house in Delaware. They only care about one thing: they can’t pull off a string without a puppet. Ventriloquists can’t function without a puppet. In late 2020, Obama famously stated: “I used to say if there was an arrangement where I had someone stand in or front man or woman and they had an in-earpiece in and that I was just in the basement in my sweats, looking through the stuff, I would be okay with that. But if Old Joe were not the White House occupant, Obama and Biden would struggle to find a president who would be as meekly accept their orders and worry that he would get in the letter.

The vacationing Biden is therefore the ideal president for today’s political elites. This may also be why they have thrown Kamala Harris at the wolves and watched as the wolves devour her. They might find Joe less willing to follow their lead if they tell her that she could get in trouble if her press conference doesn’t include properly-scripted people. Joe will continue to enjoy his Delaware vacations. Joe will pretend to be the president, while his handlers manage things exactly as they want.